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Your Guild Name : Log Horizon
Any initials or words you would like to have : LH
Type of Design : Any idea of you that would suit for the name from the anime series "Log Horizon"
Favorite Color(s) : Dark Red, Green, Gold
Shape: Any that what comes on your mind :)

Your Guild Name : Trinity
Any initials or words you would like to have : T
Type of Design : You Can add a trinity or just add 3 diffrent pictures in 1 emblem. Or to keep it simple just have a simple looking emblem with a cool backround and the T
Favorite Color(s) : Red,Black,White,White
Shape: Any shape is fine

Your Guild Name : Divine Crew
Any initials or words you would like to have : no needed
Type of Design : no needed
Favorite Color(s) : no needed
i want this to be a emblem please really need it thanks

Guildname: AtLeastWeTried
Any initials or words you would like to have: ALWT
Type of Design :Big boxes
Favorite Color(s) : Red Blue Yellow
Pic for ss http://www.celticattic.com/treasures/images/gifts/bronze/bronze_dragon.jpg

I might be necro'ing a thread...Forgive me if i am!

Guildname: Squirlte Squad
Any initial or Words :Squirtle Squad, SS, Squad,
Types of Design: Squirtle Squad's Glasses (Will post similar link)
Favorite Color: Blue
Pic for SS: http://rs550.pbsrc.com/albums/ii404/Marshallfool/Squirtle%20Squad/SquirtleSquad.png~c200

Something Similar to this SS, Transparent in game if possible please, Also can remove the word "Squirtle" on it. I have the emblem set, It just looks really squished in game, if that makes sense. I want it to "Pop" like a really nice guild emblem.

Thank you so much for whoever is doing this!


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