Free Patcher Hosting! (Usually paid service since people are stupid)

Started by Zone, Sep 14, 2008, 06:28 PM

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I'm tired of those damn idiots trying to make money off of hosting a damn patcher and it's patches.
Use a freewebs to host the damn patches, Make a skin yourself.
You should know the link quite well if you aren't paying for a host or domain.
If you can't set up a simple Neoncube, then google it.


its their choice to make it

and its the people's choice to buy it XD

nothing you can really do about it


Yeah, it's more of a way to show how stupid those advertisements are for hosting when you can get it for free without others knowing if it's a free host or not.


Jop *karma-pt-trowin*

I like it 2 see that some people are alltime looking for free stuff,expect earning cash by costumers.

Even the best start as a fool