Endless Tower - 2 Manned by Ekirei

Started by Zereges, Aug 17, 2014, 07:23 AM

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(If you dont mind the text, here is the video.)

I would like to share a video of me and my friend "soloing" Endless Tower instance. But first of all, let me wrte some commentary, which explains how its done.
It was done on high rate server with classic pre-renewal settings. By classic, I mean there were no changes made to mechanics of damage, defense or anything. Obviously some things work differently as they do on official servers (Asura Strike SP cap, Gospel's attack affecting Asura Strike and such). Only difference from (e/r)athena settings we found was these

  • Reflected damage is capped on reflecter's max health.
  • Bard and Dancer's songs are not refreshing if the affected person is not moving. Basicly, if you or the bard is not moving, song buff will remain only for 20secs.
  • +10 Stat food does not fall off on death.
  • Monster's health is showing up for all monsters.
  • Some of @commands are available, especially @storage,@gstorage

Server also allows players to buy some custom items or items which are usually unavailiable to players for real money. We used few of them, but we bought them using in-game currency.

Also, cosumables we were using were bought using in-game currency or using battleground badges, but they are all official and obtainable (expect Abrasive, which costs real money on official servers AFAIK). Only difference is, that some of them have reduced weight. By saying "using" I don't mean spamming all of them on all characters continuously. Here is a list of them

I said it was two manned, not two chared. Actually we used 11 characters to complete whole dungeon and each of them had special role. I can add their stats or skill build if you want (Sniper's, LK's and Champion's can be found in video when I change gear)
First player (Zereges):
Sniper - Damage Dealer
Lord Knight - Tank
Champion - Falen Bishop/Ifrit Damage Dealer, Naght Sieger tank
Paladin - Gospel, Providence, Reflect
White Smith - Beelzebub Damage Dealer
Professor - Dispell on Beelzebub, Dispell in F100, Land Protector

Second Player (Elleshar):
High Priest - Support
Creator - Savior
Paladin - Devotion, Reflect
Clown - Bragi
Soul Linker - Clown/White Smith link, Eske

Strategy for whole dungeon was simple. Sniper should go first and kill everything in his sight for the first 80 floors. Then LK goes first and tanks mobs which are then killed by sniper. There were few exceptions to this, when creator's Acid demonstration was required to speed up the run. I will go trough these floors and will try to explain what is happening. Also, you may notice that we are killing MVPs in low floor using Acid Demonstration. This is not required, but my friend is doing almost nothing for first 60floors, so he gets bored and uses AD to kill 1vit mobs :D
F40: However Samurai has only 220k HP, his Hell Judgement makes a lot of mess, so we decided to kill him with Creator, but he would go down in one Asura Strike.
F50: Amon Ra has lot of health, but can be killed using just a sniper.
F60: Ygnizem can be killed by sniper easily. Real challange of this fight is Doppelganger's Wide Stun and I would one shot it with Asura Strike, but Creator with 100% stun reduction also does the thing.
F65: Here, we somewhat abused Atroce's Defender. Killing on field using ADs is impossible. I would also go for Asura Strike, because Defender would incapacitate the Sniper.
F70: Orc Hero is easy, Orc Lord's earthquake is not so strong. Sniper would do the thing.
F75: Baphomet and Dark Lord - really pain in the neck. Baphomet's Earthquake is pretty much the same as Orc Lord's, but Dark Lord's Hell Judgement can make a lot of troubles. Acid Demonstration speeds this a lot.¨
F78: Sword Guardians, AD is as efficent as Asura Strike here, but due to reflect shield, we went for AD.
F79: Hydrolancers could be killed using only sniper, but it would take much longer to do so.
F80: Just look at the video.
F83: This is very slow floor and we could not come up with idea to speed it up. Just look at the video.
F85: Same strategy as Fallen Bishop Hibran in F80, but as soon as Ifrit starts using his Earthquake (3,08M) we use reflect shield on 2 paladins and few more reflect gear on creator, whitesmith and linker to speed it up.
F86: Same as F79
F87: Salamanders, same problem as Hydrolancers.
F90: Valkyrie Randgris one of the few mobs, which can kill my Lord Knight. Combination of dispell and 2Holy Lights and 2 Sonic Blows is deadly, Angeling or GTB card would fix the problem, but I dont have one. Reflect is best option.
F91: This is terrible, we tried new strategy, where Lord Knight with Strong Shield (immunity to knock back) would go first and creator should kill everything, but Cecils are so strong. So this is very slow.
F93: We came up with new strategy, high flee sniper can tank Spirals from Seyrens and can kill everything else. Because of the element, we used creator to kill Seyrens.
F94: I once tried to lure all Sword Guardians and then use strategy that did not work in F91. But this had happened. I dont like knockback :P
F95: Video is self explainatory
F96: Killing Valkyries with creator to speed it up.
F98: Asura Strike would work, but whatever.
F99: Random floor
F100: Sharp shoot range is insane, I have never played on official server and I don't know if this is official settings.

We used a lot of blue potions to replenish SP, alt-tabing on professor would do the trick, but it would be slower. If we had third player, he would go Champion+Professor and SP would not be a problem anymore. Also using @storage for taking out more Blue pots is not official, but I think 5 kafra cards for whole party would be enough (but I would have to turn off @aloot and let all loot on the floor).
Gym passes (Enlarge Weight Limit) is also availiable on the server and we used them. I would have more STR on lord knight to increase my weight limit and to be able to carry all shields and armors, but I don't know what would I do on sniper if Blue pots have weighed 15. It would be probably impossible.

Well stop talking, here is the video. Zereges & Elleshar Vs. Endless Tower

Some extra stuff:
It was our about +-20th endless (about +-15th completed), but I remember two funny situation from previous ones which are not recorded:
When morhped beelzebub reaches 1% of its health, he starts spamming /hlp emote and runs away from its target. Once, I could not catch him (hit lock with autoguard and defender from devotion) and it was so funny that my friend started laughing and stopped potting. Beelzebub was then healed to more than 1% of his health and killed us both.
Second one was even worse. In 100th floor we used same strategy to kill Entweihen but Thorn did not cast defender and I did not notice. I killed it and Enteihen was healed to full health (he casts interruptable full heal). It took about 10mins to find another spot simillar to first one.

It was great challenge (We already killed all availiable bosses except Sniper Cecil and High Priest Margareta in bio, because they are always dead). It was done on high rate spannish server xRO3. Ekirei guild (Czech nationality, with few abroad players, played primary on GWRO and some other pure GW servers) quitted ragnarok about 4 years ago. Me and my friend were bored so we started again and this was our goal. We suggested implementing Endless Cellar, but it was declined using false arguments. I am able to set up eathena server, but none of 30 different clients I tried were flawless so we haven't tried endless cellar yet.
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SS has a 5 cell range with 5x22 splash after hit, or something around that. In the past it was bugged at private servers because vulture's eye is not supposed to stack with SS. Some servers still have it to make SS more useful than it already is so maybe that's the case on where you made this with your friend.