Emblem Request...

Started by xSacredX, Sep 12, 2009, 01:46 PM

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Ummm, I asked someone that was doing them, but he/she seems to be away or not doing it anymore so please..

Your Guild Name : Still need a Name...Any Ideas For this pic???

initials or words you would like to have : What ever Guildname you guys come up with... ;P

Type of Design : Same Design, Ummm Yeh. i want the background Transperent

Favorite Color : Blue..Dont matter


Now I remember why I don't make GE's anymore. so tiny ><
All I did was crop it and change the color.

Also, do you even know what that emblem represents?

Oh wait, I forgot ro does that silly bmp thing.


Ummm... Do you mind making it in red aswell?? please.. like the original colors.. thatd be great ^ ^