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WARNING: This GRF contains NSFW contents , I wasn't able to check/remove everything that I placed in this grf that contained stupid edits since there were a lot of them. Use the grf at your own risk.

DISCLAIMER: This GRF mainly works on pre-renewal servers/clients. All of the softwares and the grf that I based on this grf will be referenced at the bottom of this post. I was not the only one who made this grf as a lot of my friends gave feedbacks and shared some of their grf works. I also expect that the people whom asked for this has at least knowledge of grf editing, as this is NOT just an edit in the data.ini file of your server your playing.

NOTE: This grf is suited to my friends' and my prefrences. A lof of them sugested a lot of good stuff so I added em here, including autistic ones. For this grf to work in full in the server you're playing with, you'd have to learn how to edit lua files which will be posted below. Download link for the grf will be posted below as well

This goes without saying but, feel free to rip out things that you might like in this grf.

Hello and my name is Asynchr0ny (meaman654 is my username) and today I'm sharing a grf that I made over the years. I've been getting a lot of private messages with questions from this thread. And a lot of those people also asked if I can share my grf to them, and I've always responded: "uhh this contains a LOT of stupid and inappropriate content, I will release one that doesn't have these stuff at a later date. I might leave some for the kicks though.".  And here it is.

This grf is mainly based of ebosher.grf, as this is a grf intended for PvM/MVPing. Although some features might be usable in a PvP environment. There's not much of a difference of the concept from ebosher but nevertheless I did a lot of tweaking. Here are some of the notable edits

> Larger MVPs and selected mobs
   >Fixed Orc Hero sprite (Credits to Tsofli)
   >Bio 3 MVP Differentiation (opacity set to default) and enlargement
   >Bio 3 MVP sizes are optimized not to brood over the ice wall sprites when trapping
   >added MVPs that were not enlarged in ebosher (a lot came from Tsofli as well)
   >Skeggiold Boss is enlarged for easy targeting
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

> Simplified a lot of effects
   >removed blindness
   >asura symbols removed
   >removed aura bubbles
   >fixed floating ice walls in eboshers
   >custom lex, dispell
   >removed some effects completely (which can be compensated by RCX or LGP)
      > I couldn't document all of the effects that were involved so it's up to you to restore those ones.
   >pneuma timer
   >Tarot Cards, Status  (Stuns Sleep Etc.) | Came from various grfs that were dumped by my friends for reference, a lot came from exii.grf as well|

> Reduced ensemble/ bard and dancer skills' music time to 4 secs
> Non revolving cursor
> Transparrent skill bar UI inspired by this
> Loading screen desu
> Loots will show their item names and images (Pre-identification) |this doesn't work in newer clients|
> removed zoom limitation on some maps (Unlimited View)
> Re-colored buff icons (Assumptio, Attention Concentate, Quagmire and etc.) |.

In action desu
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Note: As mentioned above, You'd have to edit the servers lua/lub files for the bio 3 MVPs and skegg edits work. Below is a  guide on how to make desu.grf work in full.

How to fully use desu
By the way, Skeggiold boss and Ygnizem is edited in the same way (they employ the same concepts to work) . Skegg is SKEGGIOLD_ and SKEGGIOLD, my files edits the slaves so the target file should be G_SKEGGIOLD_ and G_SKEGGIOLD; Ygnizem jobname is B_YGNIZEM.


Why only those names are to be edited?


Save the file
4. The extracted jobname.lua/lub file should be extracted along with its directory folder.

5. Place desu.grf in your RO folder; edit Data.ini

Guide End

1. Why desu?
Because it needs more desu
2. Will you be making a WoE edition?
eh, probably not. If I get interested to WoE again, then maybe.
3. Can you teach me how to edit grfs?

4. I couldn't edit the jobname.lua/lub file, will the grf still work?
Yes, but the bio 3, Skeggiold Ygnizem etc edits won't work.

5. I ripped out a new jobname.lua/lub file from a data.grf from the latest kRO, surely this will work better right?
Highly unlikely, as some servers add custom mobs, having them add different mob names, as desu will overwrite the server's jobname.lua/lub file, the client will be unable to read the custom         
          mobs and thereby causing crashes/errors.
6. Why won't you reply in discord even though you're online there for 24/7?

I use Discord other than gaming. I've encouraged some of my colleagues in med school to use it instead of Messenger, Viber or any other means of communication that has a hook on social media. I'm also a part of a niche micro community on health related issues, med school stuff, notes etc in my country and we use Discord for it.

7. I thought there was gonna be an update for this?

I thought so too as well but I've been very busy. If you read FAQ #6, I'm in med school currently in my 2nd year and s***'s been hectic as f***. I also have my old rig (PC) broke so I still have to scavange some of my grf files in there. I even lost this one ;_;

So, apologies for the delay and delayed it will be for long.

8.Do you do paid services?

No. hedoesitforfree.png

9.How can I support you?

Keep on s*** in the RO community I guess. Keep the game alive even though it's dead.

I don't inclined on having monetary compensation on the things I've had fun making (even my youtube channel is located in Afganistan so I don't get s*** ads/monetization) and I also got them all for free. Since my predecessors (Bleu, Tripper, Zerges daddy and etc. made detailed explanation on how grf editing done.

10. Did you or will you stop playing RO?

I'm on and off. When I'm not too busy I play in some s*** server. I can't really dedicate time to play for long (like camping MVPs and stuff) since real life gets in the way all the time.

I've been playing this game for over a decade. Whether it be times of happiness, chaos, peace, and even if the world is ending, even if Corona-chan is gonna rape us all, and in the future where I become some physician in some hospital, become an old fart. I'll still f*** play this game.

> Tsofli played a huge part in the making of this, he helped me in the bio 3 MVP editing and various stuff.
> Some of the icons were from a grf from a friend of mine named Spade, I asked him if he could tell me who made the icons but to no avail. So whoever made those,
> Sey for suggestiion of editing sound files
> Ted for Bio 3 optimization. Offered feedback (Mob Size, ice wall etc)
> Lulu for the errors encountered in while using the grf
> rAthena's 2015 offline client/ RMS Test server/
> RMS for the archives of useful guildes (i.e. Creative Editing)
> Spade, Crepes and for sharing their grfs in which I drew inspiration of some of the effects
> The fgts of Randomz
> All of my long gone guildmates/guild members/friends in Woon and Once RO, and the ones that are still here and playing with me in various servers. (who forced me in to grf editing in the first place).

Thank you.

Final notes: If you have questions you can ask via replies through this thread or if you're shy or hates posting in forums (which a lot of you do/are :P), then PM me in RMS or in Discord (Asynchr0ny#9533). I have work in the weekdays so my replies may come late. 

DOWNLOAD LINKS: desu.grf , Big Tiddies Sprite


Blidness removal
Bio 3 MVPs
Unlimited view

Loading screen images


PS. I'll be editing some parts of the thread to tie up some loose ends or add some feautures that were not posted.
PPS. If you find something stupid, treat it as an easter egg >_^

EDIT: Repaired the images; postimage changed domain from .org to .cc


Very detailed and helpful, thanks for sharing your guide.


You're most welcome desu. I might add some guide to other editing stuff and contribute to blue's Creative Editing threads (as it helped me a lot). I'm gonna use a "Creative Editing" title on those future threads if that's okay.


I also wrote guide quite a while ago (almost 10 years, lol), prefixed it "Creative Editing", and was acknowledged by bleu, so I believe it's OK.

Good guide. I am gonna steal some sprites :P
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Thank you desu. No problem. Maybe I'll upload some lewd and non-lewd sprites at a later date as well.


Hi! Thanks for sharing this. I'd like to know if is it possible to make Asura number more visible? Yellow or bigger, maybe... I've been researching but I got no clue on this... and I really have a hard time reading the number on screen.


As far as right now, I have little knowledge on TGA. I have an assumption that clients read the Asura TGA files as black and white only. Though I'm not that sure.

Coincidentally, my friend asked me if we could replace the Asura with "Plus Ultra" (in reference to Boku No Hero). I haven't really played with TGA files that much, other than completely removing the effect itself. I think this is a good reference to start . I might go over this tomorrow or next week. I'll keep posted of whatever I'll see when editing.


Quote from: n0vaes on Apr 12, 2018, 12:55 PM
Hi! Thanks for sharing this. I'd like to know if is it possible to make Asura number more visible? Yellow or bigger, maybe... I've been researching but I got no clue on this... and I really have a hard time reading the number on screen.

I had 2 ideas on this:

1. Make the Asura Symbols with a lessen opacity.
   >Unfortunately, I lost my copy of my Photoshop and I'm working in a crappy PC so I couldn't test it out
2. Make the numbers bigger than they usually are. These were done in exii.grf although it's a bit different (Where the damage numbers are smaller and had more space than they usually have). All you have to do is Magnify the numbers using Act Editor.

Also don't Magnify too much as this might happen

I compared the edited files as well. Not much of a difference in size.

Normal Number Sprite vs. Edited Number Sprite

Finally, you should not take these results as absolute as there maybe a way to edit this in a different way. In my head, I think we can achieve this by editing the .act and .spr file in its entirety. But that's a bit of a stretch for me.

I'll leave this here for your reference.

Happy Editing desu~


10/10 grf and guide
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Quote from: Kris on Apr 17, 2018, 03:45 AM
10/10 grf and guide

>mfw Kris-sama replies to my thread


what kind of nsfw stuff can i see in desu.grf?


Fully erect Hodes, a lot of naked mobs (gender bent), profanity in Scream and Frost Joke texts, and a lot of autism. Most, if not all of them were removed.

For what it's worth here are some samples. They are mildly inappropriate but Admin, feel free to remove these if they're inappropriate.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.


beast desu <3
nice topic btw, you're helping alot of newbies on GRF now, haha!


As an avid user of this autistic grf I can confirm its the most desu-desu ever desu made. ~desu


Quote from: dexkul on Apr 22, 2018, 11:34 AM
beast desu <3
nice topic btw, you're helping alot of newbies on GRF now, haha!

Thank you desu. I figured this would be faster rather than explaining it to people who PM me every time.

Quote from: Develon on Apr 22, 2018, 01:31 PM
As an avid user of this autistic grf I can confirm its the most desu-desu ever desu made. ~desu

Glad you like it Dev desu. I guess it's worth mentioning that this has a desu seal of approval.