Click for a cookie[Mvp/Mini-boss Timer free inside as a bonus]

Started by Triper, Oct 17, 2011, 11:41 AM

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Here is the cookie:

I gave a bite buuut you can still have the rest

Ok, let's just ignore the retardiness in here[ ^ ] and jump to what matters.
First of all:
I'm giving this to all Yu-Gi-Oh Masta who loves to camp stuff a free helpy tool that I made once for friends and me hunt da cards of evewy bosu and mini bosu based on rms times.
It has 2 open2click4list box menus[yes, you click at the circle with the v arrow at the right side of each bar to open]: one for bosu and another for mini bosu.
Each mini-bosu or bosu has his own table/box with his own timer so you can set what do you want to have in checking and whatnot.
And when people have problems with GMT times around the world, you can use the server time fixer and then use the @time server without it to tell friends the time of the next respawn.
When you close this by mistake you get a OOPS I DON'T THINK SO!!/are you sure confirmation in your language.

Translation from portugues to english:
Are you sure?
This page is asking you to confirm that you want to come out - the data that you written can end into not being saved.
GTFO of the page/Stay at the page
[^something around that]
Don't forget that this is made with temp variables so nothing is saved in any file except for the time this is open aka while you play the game.
Time that appear in this is "catched" from your pc clock[as in the clock from the windows in your taskbar] so there is no third prog hidden.

How this works:
1 - Download the
2 - Unzip it for some random folder where you want to store+use this
3 - Open the timer.html in the folder you unzipped the content
4 - You will get an announce about want to stay or gtfo in that page, say that you want to gtfo to go to the 100% workable stuff[no, I don't know how to fix this part but the all thing works even with this stupid thing. Me is no html genisu, sowy]
5 - Press jk
6 - Profit

PS - If I missed some mini/mvp or you found any error in times/names/etc just post and I will add/update or if you think something worth to add/fix and know how to, post and I will update this.
PS2 - No, I won't add a bling bling song when it's the time that the mvp will appear[even if I wanted to do it and even got a cool song for it, I don't like how the stuff used for that works] and I won't change this much more then fix here or there, being busy with some other stuff like the rms non-official ro calc and irl :V
PS3 - You can use it for your personal use, guild use, whatever you want but if you use it for your website don't edit the bottom of the website and give me credits for all the hard work since I wasted quite a bit of time to make this because if not you don't want to see my angry face[ups].

Hope people like this thing and use it and help a lot of people =P

Download it from here. In case it doesn't work, it's also as an attachment in the end of this post.


lol went did you invented this.  Triper you are so cute.

Isn't there a 5-10 mins variation to mvp spawn?  I like it when it used to spawn on exactly the second.


lol thx and I used rms times. Never saw/noticed that from all the time I camped mvps.


Mmm, not to sound rude but it became kinda useless now with the grave system, just wait at the grave and see when it teleports away, once that's happened the mvp is active again.
Gravity making things to easy, i no like.


I think Gravity is doing something good, i no like mvp campers that go around killing mvps just because they killed it last time and know the spawn time.  It's pretty unfair to others that are trying to hunt.  I hate seeing a merchant shop vending the same mvp drop in all 13 slots.

Isn't it nice now everyone can just gather and have a camp fire around the grave?

But I am seeing how the grave will make the covex mirror useless kind of?  Isn't that a good cash shop items?


Convex Mirror can still have some (minor) uses.  First off, it'll tell you where the MVP is before it's dead, when you still have a chance to get the MVP and loot.  Secondly it can be useful with those super teleporter MVPs like Lady Tanee and Mistress, who disappear practically as soon as you see them. 


Not every single server has that and some prefer to not have that to give some competition although I don't really think that both ways are a good solution since mvps are already easy to kill and this still gives work to the players because they still have to find the npc for the info but at least kills the horrible hours sometimes people had to loose to find a mvp that they wanted to kill.


hello. I am interested in your program but theres no link. can you post the link? thanks


But it's there ._. Here is a shot showing it better.



Hello. your tools is very helpful but you can make to stand alone exe file and also can you add alertsound when the monster respawn somewhat like this guy did but he is lacking of some miniboss and boss. thanks looking for more updates. :D


If I knew C good enough I could but since my knowledge on that is super limited not even gonna try because it would, probably, end super bad.

I could add an allert bip or something like that but the way I want with the knowledge I've = not possible because I want to use mp3 and I can only do this, at the moment, with midis/wav[maybe I will try something with wav even if this will increase the size of the file a big bit...] which I hate. I may give another look soon and see if there are other ways to add but I sorta doubt on that because I want to have something working like how midis work with commands to stop/play using just one file and mp3 = player or load on start...

I know that it's possible with flash but yeah knowledge zero about that and I sorta wanted to evade the use of that.



I was checking out MVP times today when I found many differences in your times and RMS's times.  Examples:

Monster:  Your Time//RMS's times
GTB:  45 mins-1 hour 50 mins//1 hour-1 hour 10 mins
Knight of Windstorm:  45 mins-1 hour 50 mins//1 hour-1 hour 10 mins
Samurai Specter:  1 hour 15 mins-2 hours 20 mins//1 hour 31 mins-1 hour 41 mins
Bishop Hibram:  1 hour 45 mins-2 hours 50 mins//2 hours-2 hours 10 mins
Gloom Under Night:  4 hours-4 hours 45 mins//5 hours-5 hours 10 mins
Ifrit:  10 hour 45 mins-11 hours 50 mins//11 hours-11 hours 10 mins
There are many of them to list.  These are just a few.

I'm not 100% sure which times are correct but I believe RMS's since they come from eA code.  Is your timer correct or RMS's?  Where did you get your time infos?  If yours is messed up can you fix it and reupload please?  Thank you


Actually, the times are working correct[and the ones from rms are right], I just forgot to edit it to the buttons after editing it for a friend for another server >_>

Thx for the warning, fixed the ones reported and all the other ones that weren't displaying the correct times.



Not the last ones. I think my last addition was Kraken, I will try to update it today.