Stone Curse status animation

Started by Necroz, Feb 02, 2020, 01:08 AM

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Good night friends. I would like to ask a question with someone who understands about. The fact is that I never found any grf with different animation for the '' stone curse "status. Does anyone have it or know if it exists?

For example, in my group, it has Freeze, Stun, Sleep and Curse status. But Stone Curse's not, and for the server I play, it would be of great help in the woes.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help!


Are you referring to the initial effect or the actual status affliction?

I haven't investigated this in depth, but it appears that the former is one of the many hardcoded 3D effects, in this case involving some light brown-ish 2D planes being animated to generate what is displayed when someone casts Stone Curse on a character. The latter isn't an actual effect, as the sprite is simply coloured differently while afflicted by the status effect.

There's some brown textures called "stone.bmp", "1", "2", "3", and "stone64", which you could try replacing, but I don't know if these are actually used for the effect. It's pretty hard to tell and I don't have time to do a frame-by-frame analysis to give a better answer, nor to reverse-engineer the client.


I referred to the final status, at the moment the character is already petrified. I am also not the most experienced in grfs, but interestingly, I had not found the file for this animation, as you mentioned "stone.bmp" ...

Maybe there is no animation or custom status for this then: /


I don't know if the texture is actually used for this effect, most likely it isn't. Either way, the final effect doesn't seem to use any textures, which only makes sense. After all, the easiest way to implement it is to simply colour the sprite differently.

If this is true, there's no actual (texture-based) animation, so you probably can't edit any files in the GRF and would have to modify the client executable itself instead to change the sprite colour. Anything beyond that would be even more difficult, e.g. adding custom animations for the status effect.


understand. Thank you for the informations! <3

If you can take a look at the other topic "grf with reduced effects '', thank you !!