AceJay's RO BGM Update and Remix Pack!

Started by AceJay, Oct 29, 2007, 12:53 AM

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Grape Joose

QuoteSo here you go, I've created AceJay's RO BGM Update: [Here]

The reason those are working with RO is because the bitrate on all of the songs are too high. I believe the max to play on RO is 128kps. All of the files included in the link I quoted were 320kps and I know that wont work.

To comment on the bgm's themselves, I do like alot of the remastered version of the songs better then the orignals but on some I notice no difference at all.


Er, did you try them?

I just downloaded that file and tested it, and it works fine...Bitrate has nothing to do with the files =/

Grape Joose

I have; The last time I played around with the RO BGM's I had to agjust the bitrate of the mp3's to get them to play.




Updated first post.
Finally, you can all enjoy RO the way it was meant to be.


Al'right, so are these just the OST versions of the in-game songs?

P.s The vocals don't work in-game :x


Yes, these are high-quality, remastered versions of the originals. I still can't figure out why some people can't use the vocals in game. It worked for me once, then it didn't, then it did, and now it doesn't.


I think I might just torrent the whole OST, I hate megaupload.

Anyways, uh... yeah. Half of them don't work for me and vocals not at all :X


Yeah I'll throw em on a couple other mirrors soon, that's weord that some aren't working though. They're all working for me now (minus the vocals) Maybe you had a bad extraction?


Yeah, peculiar.

Well once they're all in one little fine download, I'll give it a shot again.




Vocals are the win <3
Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for sharing, i might add these on the next patching update ;)


Quote from: AthenaForever on Jan 22, 2010, 10:42 PM
Thanks for sharing, i might add these on the next patching update ;)

Awesome, this is what I was aiming for in the long run when I had this idea.

Also updated first post with Mediafire mirrors since Megaupload is blocked in some countries.


I just reencoded the Mp3 Remixes to work in inGame BGM.
Backup you files before doing so in case anything goes wrong.

Thanks to AceJay for providing us with these files.  :D

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