Adding visual effect to skills?

Started by Zexeya, Nov 05, 2018, 09:10 AM

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I am trying to add a visual effect to my ninjas buffs so I can keep track of them without having to stare at my buffs on the right. Cast off cicada and mirror image have no visual indicator at all by default.

Would it be possible to have some effect appear on my character to indicate I have these buffs and perhaps a counter of how many stacks I have left? I don't know if the counter thing is even remotely possible but I assume making two hand quicken, assumptio or some effect show would be?


All those overlay visuals are bound to their specific status effects and harcoded into the client. What you could do is reuse all the existing visuals by stripping them of their effects and creating new statuses for those.

So, for example, you would have SC_ASSUMPTIO that does absolutely nothing but carries the visual effect, and SC_ASSUMPTIO2 that has the actual effect of the skill. Then you can attach that SC_ASSUMPTIO to any other status for the visual overlay alone.

For the counter, you can either do it through status icons (dummy statuses just for the icon) or a text message every time the stack decreases.