A browser game based on Ragnarok Online

Started by Mabish, Nov 13, 2010, 04:18 PM

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Will you try the game once it's done?



Heya there RMS!

A little update: The site layout is coming together (not that awesome but will do for now) with the help of a couple friends of mine. Also, the registeration/login system is 90% done, database is mostly set up, soon I'm getting to code the actual game.
• Stamina regeneration done
• Exp tables mostly done (pretty much follows the actual exp tables)

I've been itching to make a (text-based) browser game based on Ragnarok and I actually started coding it about a year ago but I kind of gave up on it after a couple of months, mostly because no one seemed interested in it.

Now the itch is back and I (re)started coding it from scratch, I don't have much to show you guys yet but if enough people are interested in the concept, I'm sure it won't be long till the the game is up for testing.

Would YOU be interested in such game? Leave a reply, share your thoughts and feel free to suggest stuff too!  ;D

About the game:

Basically, you start the game as a level 1 novice, you gain levels as you play and you change jobs like in the real Ragnarok (at this point I'm not sure if theres going to be job levels and skill points or do you train skills by other means).

As a text-based game there won't be any graphics besides player and monster avatars, map(s) etc.

Dungeons are probably going to be Dofus-like, meaning that you will fight a set chain of monsters with a chance to engage in an extra fight with the respective MVP in it. ;)
(i.e. when you go to Payon Dungeon you may need to fight a skeleton, a familiar and a zombie, after defeating them you go directly to second floor and fight soldier/archer skeletons and so forth.)

Also, to limit macroing/botting there will be a stat called stamina that is regenerated every minute (even if you are offline) and every action (including battles) use it by a certain amount. Also, this stat can be increased as you level up.

Another interesting feature we've been planning is a kind of secret ability that enhances your character (for example, it could increase long-range damage, get you a hp-boost or a stat boost), not everyone would have this ability, when you reach level 10 novice (before you change to first class and decide your characters type), you can "check" if you have a secret ability, which means you either get one or you don't (the chance to get one could be like 20% for worse ones and <1% for the absolute best ones).
Also, there will probably be items that you can buy/drop that allows you to remove your ability (if you happen to have one) and try to get a better one, however the price will have to be either very high, the drop very rare or be bought with real money* (or all of the previous)    ;)

* The game won't aim for profit but there will probably be some real-money stuff to help with server costs, however I want to keep the game available to everyone, not just the ones with a fat wallet.  :D

Aanyways, I gotta go now, I'll be sure to check on this thread regularly.


That sounds incredible, can't wait to see some teasers~ :]

Check out previews of our upcoming fully custom client!


Well, heres a little teaser on the layout:

*credits to takahatsumeia90 for the renders used in the images (hopefully we'll get our own art to use in the future)*

Obviously, theres still a lot to do but it's nice progress considering I started working on this yesterday.

On the left there is the menu where all the navigation happens,
the middle part contains all the actual content
and the right part shows your stats. (Oh and that weird pic in the upper right corner is an avatar any user can upload to have a little "personality")

That's all for now, gotta get back to coding ~.~
(The coding is fun, typing exp-tables and such is not.)


Oh, it seems pretty interesting. If it does come out nicely, I would try it and see how it goes ^^. Keep it up!
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The game is slowly coming together, I just finished stat system (str/agi/vit/int/dex/luk), you can increase them according to your status points and the cost is similiar to the actual Ragnarok.
Now moving on to the world map..I think I'm just going to settle for a simple ~20x20 squares map temporarily.


Sounds pretty interesting, I might try it out once you're finished. :)
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I actually saw a browser based client for ro being developed in eA but this looks interesting. Something to switch from Mafia Wars if this goes pretty good. Keep it up.



Nice .. Sounds Interesting yet Promising.  ::)
Good luck and keep it up!


I'm actually working on something like this but it also uses flash and few other options like when you kill a poring on the browser based RO and get a poring card you can transfer it onto the actual ro though it'll cost something and some other features. =] I like your version of it so far. Keep it up.


So, I was like searching the internet for some browser games and found a few that interests me but I got bored so I quit playing them. Then I decided to search for a "Ragnarok" inspired browser game, and found nothing, but guess what? I arrived at this thread. I got a bit excited while reading the posts and eventually, I registered.

What happened to the development of the game? What phase are you on?

I wanted to ask the developer/s of this game if there is anything that I can help? I'm a graduating computer science student. I've been playing Philippine Ragnarok Online since 2003 but I stopped because of my thesis and I will not be able to return to gaming unless I graduated. So if you'll be needing a hand, just pm me.



Hmm I want to know where the team went too.  Probably dropped the project already since it has been over a year ago.

I read in eAthena from time to time people are brainstorming something like this, always interesting.


Don't bother with this one, if you want a real browser based ragnarok online then go to.. http://robrowser.fr/ by KeyWorld.

Here: http://robrowser.fr/en/Medias/
you can check out 2 of his vids about his project and also see 3 other projects he's started, namely Web Diff Patcher, Web GRF Viewer & Web RSM Viewer