About Item ID# 5825 (Knight_Of_Honor_Badge) script...

Started by dksvertix, Dec 20, 2011, 09:10 PM

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So, I started making my own server...

Extracted Basic Complete Data English Folder, which comes with over 100 new things, into RO Client folder and then updated item_db2 data on Server side to get those over 100 new things...

Started the server and I got an error message, which I forgot, but after researching eAthena's wiki, I found out that I have once excess right bracket "}" somewhere in database...

Went to that line and it was:
Item ID# 5825 - Knight Of Honor Badge
with item script:
{ bonus bAtkRate,10; bonus bMatkRate,10; bonus bMaxHP,1500; bonus bMdef,1; } },{},{}

I Googled for the correct item script... and, absolutely everybody has it wrong! Even RateMyServer!

But, I assume, I can just erase that excess right bracket? Or... ?



It doesn't matter for RMS to have the extra bracket obviously, because we don't need to run the script.

Actually, if you are to write script for those 100 new items you should know basic coding?  Or you mean you getting missing description only?

Moving this to the right section.


Actually, I wanted to know if somebody knows that item and knows to tell better, if that's just a typo or there is actually supposed to be something more OR somebody, who knows basic coding, can verify that it really is just a typo.

YOU don't need to run it? But what about EVERYBODY ELSE? And since all of the pages that I've checked in Google have that same typo, everybody gets faulty code. That's, how I probably ended up with it in the first place. And probably many many others will end up in the future too...

...either really be #1 at RO or at least stop misinforming people. OR explain, what's the real purpose of your Databases, so people won't get confused for nothing.


Why not ask eAthena or some other developer? They're the ones making the databases.

And not all websites get their information from RMS (they get the same s*** from eAthena or whatever), it's from their item_db.sql (if you're talking about the scripts in their control panels)

And not all the pages you checked on Google have the same typo, some of them are USING the updated versions with the script

5825,Badge_Of_Order_Grace,Badge Of Order Grace,5,0,,0,,1,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,136,,0,0,0,{ bonus bMdef,1; },{},{}

Either really use common sense and remove the bracket or blame it on whoever made typos on the database.


-.-".  In terms of the database showing the script code, I'd say it is there for knowledgeable people or those that are interested in knowing how the item actually works vs the item description to get a clear picture of the item's technical aspect.

It really does not matter for our reader to see an extra bracket, they will either 1) determine the script won't run because of it 2) ignore and read the code as it is.  It will not create a run time error in their brain and cause it not to function. 

I did not write the item script, the code is based on an open source project.  If a server owner detects an error, simply fix it and it will be fine.  Your problem is that you are not sure if it's a typo or what else.  Maybe you should learn basic scripting first?  It will help a lot in situation like this, you are going to build your server so I really recommend learning from the basic.  With the scripting knowledge you will be able to turn

"ATK + 10%, MATK + 10%. HP + 1500, MDEF + 1."


"bonus bAtkRate,10; bonus bMatkRate,10; bonus bMaxHP,1500; bonus bMdef,1;"

Now about this specific item.  Do you see the // in front of the item in both eAthena and rAthena?  That is the reason why no other server have complained except you.  Either they know what they are doing or they do not take away the //.  There is nothing wrong with the svn and it will run.  I can assure you "many many others" will not end up with the error you got if they do not take away the //.  You are free to modify anything but don't cry when things break.