Please rate my signatures...its my first time :) Crest Ragnarok Online Siggies

Started by Dragon of Echigo, Feb 02, 2009, 06:42 AM

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Dragon of Echigo


For you, I shall be blunt:

2.Two sentences of the same text is not needed if it's 100% opacity.
3.Too bright on the colors.
4.All that really looks done is a image, some filter, slap text on, add boarder(or I think you did) and save. ;-;

And sorry if that sounds mean. I'm a mean nice person.

Almost forgot : The text is WAY too big, seeing as it covers more than half the image.

Nice for a first time, I think.


please note azurene isn't being mean x3 (i don't think)
shes trying to be honest and help you improve

mmmm other then what she said, i'll just point out that what ever text you have on the bottom left part of the banner isn't really readable


It says Dragon of Echigo, and yes it is very hard to read.

Revise your choice of color and contrast, aka how colors blend or strike out next to each other. The 3rd one is not as bad as the other 2, keep going in that direction.
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Avoid using too much of those borders on text, and go seek for good fonts that fit to the theme, such as you can find in daFonts and others sites like that. Already have been told, but you could lower the size of the texts.


You need a better choice of colour.  The colour filling for the text doesn't match with the background and it's a bit too plain (Plain as in it doesn't have a place in the signature.  It was just placed randomly)
The red stroke for the first signature grabs my attention more than the actual word itself.  Regarding to the use of text for all signatures, you don't exactly need two since one already covers enough of the background.
Your name at the bottom left has a poor choice of colour matching for both the strokes and the filling.  For the first signature, there's a little wording down there (Possibly a duplicate of your name) that has been chopped off by a lot.

The borders for all signatures are messed up... unless it was done intentionally which I doubt.

Try positioning the words better and having it's position more meaningful.  It might be easier if you made the font smaller.  Have a better choice of colouring that fits and blends well with the background (Not too well that it's basically camouflages with it)
Choose a more suitable font that can be easily read for your name and lessen the strokes if you're sticking with that font.  Don't use any gradient on your name as well.  You want it to be clear.

Try not to double image or double text the same thing.  Avoid it if possible.  It normally doesn't look that great especially when they're both on 100% opacity.  Though,  in some cases,  the use of doubling might come in handy... but that's not the case for these.

Good luck!  Hope you get better at it.


I agree with Poki. The colors doesn't suit or match at all. And as what Azurene says, it is too bright. Well, still a good job though .. ^__^ Keep it Up!!