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Started by Ansuz Isaz, Jul 05, 2008, 07:45 PM

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Quote from: TheWingless on Dec 07, 2008, 10:26 AM
don't use jpeg file, if your original file is not jpeg, dont host it with photobucket, photobucket converts files into jpeg.
i also find that with photobucket it tends to reduce the quality a bit, and make lines sort of blend and merge into one another so its really a horrible thing to use for hosting something like emblems since they have transparency X.x


Quoteblackcurrant [ Lucky Strike ]: Alas, the initials were in fact the most I could do. D= They were both one letter too long for me to squeeze in.

thx alot for u Morris...
nice emblem... ;) ;) ;)


You're welcome Currant. n_n


retibution [ Armada ]: Continuing from where The Wingless left off, I added your Armada piece to the emblem he made transparent. Since the other emblem's shield was grossely disconfigured when I tried to work with it, I went ahead and redid it really quick.

Loki [ Godlike ]: Try number one! =P Simple and extremely basic, you'll probably want to come back for a different one. I'll remake it until you're satisfied with it.

pazaway_mhuzika [ --PrivateProperty-- ]: xD One of my first true blue from-scratch ones, I got my inspiration from the old Caution: Tresspassing signs. I thought it turned out all right, albeit it maybe a little too simple.


Another try please. The one you made seems, unfitting for me. Nice try though.
QuoteWhatever floats your boat.


can u make the emblem more legible ( But the first emblem is beautiful actually im using it now) but can u make one that i can read the word Private like in the emblem of ARMADA!! uhm i think the emblem is like this u know the CAUTION (BOMB) sign??? then put it there the word PRIVATE....  ::) what do u think!?

Thx 4 doing my emblem your so good.... ^^ i appreciate your help to us who didnt know how to make a good emblems ^^ thx in advance SIR!


Loki [ Godlike ]: Honestly, the problem with the name Godlike, is it inspires too many different interpretations, and half the job of an emblem is to tell those in the server what the feel of the guild is intended to be - at least from my perspective. Godlike could mean that you're nearly perfect, that you aspire to be near perfect, a sense of good will towards everyone, or it could simply show over-confidence.

What kind of mood do you want the emblem to have? One of relaxation and peace, or one of power? It might give me an idea, if nothing else, exactly how much one color or another should dominate, and how strong the shade should be. It might also give me an idea on what shape to make it. If nothing else, telling me what you don't like. =P

Anyhow, here are a few more I pulled together, using a different image as it's base. The other one was on the dark side, so I figured going for something a little lighter would be better. One was designed to have a quieter, almost dull feel, and like the other, is fairly simple. The second one was just something I put together. I don't personally have any fondness for either of them, though. D=

pazaway_mhuzika [ --PrivateProperty-- ]: Alas, my matey, while it's a good idea, it's not one that works too well. I would honestly have done it if I could have. However, as far as my playing around has seen, the most I could put in is six of the letters in a single line, and then there'd be no room around there to make it look like it fits with the emblem. However, since you seemed like you really wanted to have the entire word Private on the emblem, I figured I'd see how you felt about this one.



I LOVE IT SIR I LOVE IT .......................... THANKS SIR ITS AWESOME!!! ^^


I thank you, Morris(a.k.a A.I) for making these emblem. Sadly, the guild has break and no longer exist. I'm making a new one with my friends so any ideas for a guild name? :P
QuoteWhatever floats your boat.

Ansuz Isaz

If you want to go for a name similar to your old one, you could always use a name like Omnipotence.

Verdammung might be a nice little name to use [ German for damnation. ]

Actually, in general, if you need a good guild name, sometimes playing with a translator and finding out what it means in different languages can, if nothing else, result in some pretty awesome sounding names. =]


Name of your Guild: Hazel Eyes
Design features?: Like Private Property's emblem.
Guild's Initials?: If possible. the word Hazel going down from the side.
Picture: Same as Private Property's shape but a Hazel kind of color, and the text IF possible, written in white inner with somewhat a black outlines


Guild name: AccidentalCreation
Color: darkish blue and darkish red
Initials: AC
Emblem: do your thing ^^

please do this...and i thank you ^^


Guild Name: 3motion
Color: darkish blue + anything colour u think suitable
Initial: 3motion by the side

dont too emo or too bright~^^



Name : Spartans

Color : Red And Black,,, Or Any Color Combination

Initial : You choose

Other : I want if Players see our emblem they will run away make it quite scary or bloody


Name: The Exiled
Design Features: Anything'll do.
Initials : Exiled somewhere in there, if possible.
Picture : Not going to limit you on anything, go wild.

Please and thank you~