[WOE GRF] Nerva.grf Public Release!

Started by chillxdd, Mar 13, 2020, 04:35 AM

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Quote from: jaysondc22 on Jun 06, 2020, 10:13 AM

Thanks for sharing your grf.

Can you help me with my problem, it seems that our server Gepard doesn't allow modified cursor.
Is there any way you could send me your latest grf but with the default mouse cursor instead of the RGB?

Thanks in advance!

just use grf editor and delete cursor files


The ygg effect on this grf is gone, is there anyway to put it back? or change it with something else?


Hello, the server where I play has its own grf gray map, is there any way I can merge it with yours? when i do i get this error: Block Attr "Korean Words" then -> RPGSTUDIO "few more korean words"

could you help me with that please?



Thanks for this one. Currently using it on our server.


hey! i clicked the download link/s for /quake command but i dont think it worked when i merged it.


i clicked the download links but the thing that works are the flat map and cursor and the woe minimap, but the simplified effects didnt. Did i miss something? help thanks


Great GRF! Thank you for your work.


Nice grf can i ask where to edit those mini flag map at woe se and also the respawn point thank you so much.


Thx // make grf for Class3 Pls // Now TRO is BOOM !


Can you make the emperium bigger?


What is the file name of the "Neon Green Arrows for better Arrow Shower / Sharp Shooting visibility" in the GRF? TIA


Awesome GRF Thank you, here's a short video for WOE using the GRF, I used the one without tiles https://youtu.be/9DNXUJPv9jo


Ive recently started making my own grf edits aswell, using this as template was a huge help!


Quote from: chillxdd on Apr 04, 2020, 06:44 AM
Hello again, sorry for the double post.

V3 is released today, just some minor changes to take note of:
- Added Neon Green Arrows for better visibility (AS, SS)
- Improved Blessing animation by reducing size and duration, and removing upward motion. Fade In still doesn't work, but fade out does for some reason (even if the .act has no fade out frames ._.)
- Added Mute and Chaos text status effects and this time, they don't look ugly. Also, I kept the emoticon bubble and just added the text below.
- Smokie Falcons!

As usual, download links are the same.

For a preview of the above changes, please check the Imgur link in the first post. Thanks all!


May i know how did you locate the visibility for Snipers Arrow Shower and Sharp shoot??? thank you for your response



is there anyway to mess with skill transparency/opacity?