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Hi all,

Just want to publicly share my GRF that was originally released for our guild. Why? Because these kinds of files get leaked eventually, and at least I get SOME credit for it.

What's in this GRF? It's a collection of already existing GRF's and effects, but it also contains some .ACT, .STR and a lot of other files that I created from scratch.

What's new in V3.1? Click this link to find out: Imgur Link
V3 features: Imgur Link
V2.2 features: Imgur Link, Youtube Link (new cursor!)
V2 features: Imgur Link
V1 features: Imgur Link

Original Features:
- Chroma/RGB Cursor, coz why not? (Separate download, check the attachments)
- Minimal Wizard skills, custom animations! (SG, MS, LOV, Quagmire, Fire Wall)
- Reduced SPP Heal Effect to 3px (doesn't help with the visual lag when SPP is spammed, in my experience, so I just minimized it instead of removing it completely)
- Minimal Safety Wall effect with 3px height, effectively making it a 'ground' effect.
- Increased Wall of Fog to 6px height for visibility.
- Sanctuary ground effect is now black but meh.. who cares. At least you can see it still. It's not the same as Wall of Fog effect anyway.
- Custom Pneuma animation with countdown and affected area, and the number is right on the tile where Pneuma was cast (center of 3x3 area)
- Pneuma and Sanctuary "affected cells" have been minimized further from a shade to just an outline.
- Most WOE buffs and priest buffs have a similar animation to Increase AGI, with the skill name/effect being shown)
- Some WOE debuffs have a similar effect to Decrease AGI
- Dispell and Lex Aeterna have a similar animation to Decrease AGI, but both have a "Target" animation so your guild knows who to focus fire on
- Useful WOE materials (used for brewing and for repairing barricades/guardian stones) are made bigger so they are easier to loot
- Yellow Spirit Spheres and Yellow "Fury/Critical Explosion Aura" because it looks good if your server has the Goku hair costume(also easier to see).
- Transparent skill bar that works for both old and new clients
- Some buffs have the buff name in the icon/timer below the minimap
- /hlp says Buff instead of Help
- Text-based Status Effects, including Chaos and Mute (that don't look ugly)
- Smokie Falcons!
- Neon Green Arrows for better Arrow Shower / Sharp Shooting visibility
- Simplified Bolt Skills, reduced opacity and minimized effects
- Transparent Ice Wall
- Taekwon Love! Warm Wind skill effect shows the element, and the buff icon also shows the element.
- Blue Tiled Maps (WOE Castles only) generated with GRF Editor, and edited WOE:SE castles to mark Flags, Spawn Points and Barricade Repair NPCs.

* To warp around the map, click on the small Prontera Flags
* To kill people warping from flags, target the tiny Clock Tower? Spawn Points
* To repair barricades, click on the Eyeballs
Text-based Buffs (CYAN) and Debuffs (RED)
Buffs have same animation as Increase AGI, Debuffs have same animation as Decrease AGI

Edited Skills w/ Original Custom Animations:
- Blessing (it isn't perfect, editing .ACT files is a pain)
- Increase Agi
- Decrease Agi
- Dispell
- Devotion
- Recovery
- Cure
- Magnificat
- Lex Aeterna (with Lock-on Target Sprite, same as Dispell above)
- Lex Divina
- Magnificat
- Gloria
- Kyrie Eleison
- Assumptio
- Energy Coat
- Angelus
- Aspersio
- Impositio Manus
- Suffragium
- Stone Curse
- Provoke
- Quagmire
- Fire Wall
- Warm Wind

If you would like me to add any more skills to the above list, please let me know and I will update the GRF for you.

Other features that I just compiled and still use:
- Thoth blue map for WOE (credits to Thoth), with mushrooms for flags
- WOE:SE Minimaps, edited for better visibility
- Enhanced Hiding skill effect (sprite changed)
- Large Card Sprite (with a d!ckbutt on it)
- Large MVP/Miniboss sprites
- Custom Land Protector sprite
- Custom Spider Web/Fiber Lock sprite
- Minimal Sage ground spells (LP, Deluge, Volcano, Violent Gale)
- Minimal character "aura" when casting skills
- Minimal 99 Aura
- Small Sight/Ruwach
- 3s Bard/Dancer Songs
- Custom Tarot Card sprites
- No Wind/Fire/Earth/Water Hit effect
- No Jupitel Thunder hit effect
- Pets and Monsters don't talk
- Scream and Frost Joke spam STUN and FREEZE, respectively
- No leaves/trees in most maps
- No Asura Strike/Extremity Fist black text
- HD Damage Numbers, edited to work with darkbreath.act/.spr
- Minimized Soul Link, found the idea in kawaii-rage

To-do list:
- Other character buff icons and animations (by request, coz I only ever use High Wizard/Priest)
- Other WOE debuffs (let me know what I missed)
- Uniform Tarot Card Sprites (I'm having trouble making these look good)
- Place marker for guild dungeon entrances in WOE:FE (BrowEdit is being stupid with WOE:FE castles, idk why)
- Make all existing text effects smaller.
- Provoke and Mind Breaker (not originally changed because our server disabled MB in WOE) Provoke done, Mind Breaker can't be changed :/
- Release this Chroma/RGB Cursor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c85IA_NJ40
- Tiled Maps with Flags, Spawn Points and Repair NPCS done
- Fix Wall of Fog done
- Make Wall of Fog more noticeable, maybe? done
- Change the words Storm Gust and Meteor Storm to just initials done
- Completely remove LOV shake through STR edits. For now people, just use /quake if it's available. Added two downloads for people with /quake and for people who don't have it.

Download Link/s:

Tiled WOE Castles:

* If your server has /quake command to turn off the LOV shake, use this: /quake users, download here
* If your server has NO /quake command to turn off the LOV shake, use this instead: Sad bois with no /quake, download here
Normal WOE Castles, if you want to use your own greymaps or w/e:

* If your server has /quake command to turn off the LOV shake, use this: /quake users, download here
* If your server has NO /quake command to turn off the LOV shake, use this instead: Sad bois with no /quake, download here
Please credit me if ever you will use this GRF in a video/stream, or if you ever plan to distribute an edited version.

If you like it, please feel free to buy me a cup of coffee!

Good stuff mate! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing. I would like to use it with my current edited GRF also.

oh, so nice grf! thanks for share!! <3


Nice Grf
waiting latest updated n upload from you


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