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Started by asteanya, Mar 25, 2024, 03:46 PM

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Hello wonderful Ragnarok Online community!  /lv

I would love to present to you an update to my custom GRF created completely from scratch, housing hundreds of changes, improvements and optimizations for smooth and beautiful playing experience.

Let me share some of the features of Aste Grf v2024:

Redesigned fully from scratch with the feedback and experience from the best WOE players in the world and all of the feedback from users of previous versions all over the years, Aste Grf v2024 brings absolutely new experience for the GRF users. All effects and features of the original Aste Grf were recreated from scratch, featuring a new design style allowing for instant feedback of what is happening on the players screen and at the same time improving game performance even more.

Main goal of this GRF is to provide WOE ready experience for the players out of the box, improving FPS and visual clarity without sacrificing unnecessary effects and features.
Aste Grf v2024 includes many new effects, features and optimizations from original GRF at the same time as featuring things that were never thought to be possible before.

New design language:

Aste Grf v2024 features a completely new design language and style. No more half-transparent or barely visible effects. New design language takes aim in providing instant color and shape feedback with clear, fast and sharp animations that enables players to build strong muscle memory for the effects. Such effects enable players to instantly recognize what exact effect is currently playing on the screen, without needing to think or look directly at the effect itself.

New color coding system is a design choice that makes every "negative" effect appear in the red/orange color scheme and every "positive" effect appears in the blue/green color scheme. Such an approach allows players to build even stronger muscle memory to the effects, enabling the brain to instantly recognize if they are in danger or not and allowing them to focus on the task at hand in the heat of the battle without directing too much attention to what exact effect is playing on their screen in the current moment.

Never seen before effects:

Aste Grf v2024 enables new, never before thought even possible effects in the game, such as GuildSkill Emergency Call, Sura Cursed Circle, Genetic Sling Item and others. New tech found in the GRF allows clear retargeting of existing .str files to any effects (except few that are forced by client) enabling GRF power users to create their own effects and retarget them to the desired effects themselves.

Even more performance optimization:

Transition to usage of .tga images for new effects instead of .bmp enabled even more performance boost compared to the original GRF. With the version of Aste Grf, players would be able to reach FPS numbers that they have never seen before.

Clear status icon design:

Some status Icons were updated too, to make them more easily readable, less confusing and provide much faster feedback on important debuffs and statuses. Many new status icon effects that are missing from the original RO were added too.

Playable even with /effects on:

Worried about missing something important in the heat of the battle? No worries, thanks to huge performance increase in Aste Grf v2024 playing with /effects on is fully possible! Even with /effects on, Aste Grf v2024 provides clear visual feedback on what is happening on the screen with absolutely playable performance.

Fully customizable experience:

Enjoy playing without headgears? Or maybe you want to mute all sound effects except ones you choose? Maybe you want to remove Genetic Homunculus and Sorcerer Elementals from the screen? No worries, Aste Grf v2024 provides a fully customizable experience without sacrificing any features as it was before. New "addons" system allows players to choose what features they want or don't want and simply merge them to the base Aste Grf v2024 without any conflicts. Power to the user, customize GRF exactly to your liking!

Watch GRF in action in my promo video:

If you are interested in my GRF or want to learn more about it please visit my Discord Server for the full list of features and other details about my GRF:

Thank you and have a nice day!  /no1 



the discord link is invalid. maybe you forgot to set it to no expiration but the GRF is great.