[WOE GRF] Nerva.grf Public Release!

Started by chillxdd, Mar 13, 2020, 04:35 AM

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Hi all, sorry for the lack of updates, real life hit me hard.

If you've recently downloaded the GRF and you did not get the Chroma Cursor, I removed it from the GRF because many people are getting Gepard Shield errors from it. This happens because the Chroma Cursor is edited differently (I added more frames and more reference files instead of just editing the existing cursor).

I've attached it to the original post instead, and you can add it to your GRF manually by doing the below steps:

1. Locate /data/sprite/cursors.spr and /data/sprite/cursors.act using GRF Editor
2. Backup your original cursors.spr and cursors.act file by extracting them
3. Replace with the custom cursor files attached in the first post

If ever you get errors, just restore your original cursors file. Thank you!


So yeah enough lurking for me and I do what must be done.


I was never a fan of other greyworld ground color.
Your blue version is amazing for farming maps, very enjoying it.

Suggestion to add a small warning since towns are not updated (or depends the server you play in?)

Also I would like to know if anyone have suggestions for 100% pure Vendor client with minimal effects in order to reduce CPU/RAM as much as you can.

What to edit or remove?  /wah


My safety wall doesn't stay on the ground, it's normal ?  /sob



This is by far the best GRF I have seen. Very well done! And we are very grateful for your sharing  /no1


how can you make ankle snare to look like this? i need enlightenment please.


Quote from: mahenzu on Dec 12, 2020, 05:50 AM
how can you make ankle snare to look like this? i need enlightenment please.

Isn't that one out of aste's grf instead of nerva?

It's a custom model (data/model/¿ÜºÎ¼ÒÇ°/Æ®·¦01.rsm) that's using a custom texture (data/texture/aste/aste_anklesnare.tga) as opposed to the original model (also data/model/¿ÜºÎ¼ÒÇ°/Æ®·¦01.rsm) and its original texture (data/texture/¿ÜºÎ¼ÒÇ°/trap1.bmp).


Hi! May I ask how to remove the minimal aura effect? I'd like to use the grf but retain the original aura of the server... Thanks!


this is nice GRF, but why if i use this grf. i cant see the killing cloud from sorcerer and poison smoke from guillotine cross?

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hi guys, help please
im trying to find the file name of double strafe effect in grf
ive been looking for this for a long time but i really cant find it
i think ds and hide use the same file please check the image

thank you :)


Hi good day, I'm kinda new and I really don't have any ideas on how to make a grf and such, but will this work with the current grf I'm using, (dark. grf for Dreamer RO it is a greymap tiled floors etc.) I just need a simplified skills grf. (MS/SG/LOV/LP and any other skills that has large sprite.) Thank you.


Hello guys! So I want to edit the effect of the Heaven's Drive. Is it possible? If so, where is it located? Thank you!


Hello sir! Is there a GRF that hide or remove the skill text of SPP/PP above the character when used/spammed? We're thinking that when we remove/hide it, it will lessen fps drop during woe.


will this get you banned on most servers?


Hi, I need help which resource at texture that used for Fire pillar from wizard
Cause mine looks like invisible with your WOE GRF..

Thank you


I'm sorry. I've been googling and it's my 1'st time with grfs, but... I can't seem to get it to work.  /wah

1. I downloaded the version for servers that have /quake (I play in Asgard Legend)
2. Renamed it to "grf-nerva.grf" and copied it to my RO Folder
3. There was no DATA.ini , so I created it and wrote this inside:

4. Saved and closed, re-opened my RO, but... nothing happened.

I also tryed to put grf and ini files inside the folder \data (dunno, maybe? /hmm), but still nothing happened. /sob

Am I missing something?
Please, what now?