[WOE GRF] Nerva.grf Public Release!

Started by chillxdd, Mar 13, 2020, 04:35 AM

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hi can you please tell me where can i find or what is the name of .str of blessing and increase agi. i cant see it in .str files. im looking for this file name thanks in advance


Hello Bro...

I'm now using your GRF and really enjoy it..

If you're not Busy, may i ask for a bit changes for the grf ?

May u change the floor to the color in the image ?

I want to change it, but the flag and the control device in 2nd Castle disappear  /wah /wah

thank u


can you send me a file for default cursor??because gepard is detecting the cursor modification and kicking me out of the server.. tnx



do you have any idea why for the more visible arrow, it always shows up when I'm using arrow shower, but it never shows up when using sharpshooting / FAS?


Hi can you help me with this?ddo you know where can i find the 1:1 open chat? the transparent one bcause i want to edit the color of that and do you know if it possible to see the skill of champion "dangerous soul collect/zen" even if you /effect off? thanks


Hey bro,

Can you help me to chance the effect of STORM GUST same bellow bellow (same LGP/ AOE):

Only small square.



Thank you for this.

I have merge it and it is really nice.

But the problem is that the LOV is not working only the SG. Lov is still stock.

Can you update?

or is there a grf that i can merge with it so it will work?



I'm a fan of your work. Hoping for new update! thanks for this anyway. <3


Hi! Thanks for your hardwork! But may I ask if you have for 3rd job skills? To lessen the lag? =) Thnk you if ever you reply to this reply. XD haha



I'm using your grf and i'm loving it. I am currently in the same server you are playing.

Anyway,  i have a question regarding the skill cart termination.
I noticed you removed its skill effect. I would like to maintain it's original skill effect so i searched texture>effects folder and sprite>ÀÌÆÑÆ® for hours already but to no avail, i still can't find it.

If you know the files for the skill and it's effect please tell me.

Thanks and take care in this pandemic!


Sir, when i generated it thru GRF editor and then login the server it will automatically crashed, can u help me to resolve this?? i am using different server- ELITE RO private server


Sir, upon going to crowded place in prontera it suddenly crashed. I dont know whats the cause. Can u help me to resolve this? I really love your grf. Thanks in advance. Looking forward with your help.


Hi! I have been using your grf for a while now and its great! thank you for your works! But after my server update, it starts crashing sometimes when I go to the main town, do you know what cause it? Maybe its because sprite or other players costume or something else? I am new about grf editing so it would be really helpful if you can give me guidence of where to look. Thank you in advance!


hi bro,

Thanks to share your grf.

can you help me to make a grf file to change emperium with larger monster ? like big guardian/big mvp?




Thanks for sharing your grf.

Can you help me with my problem, it seems that our server Gepard doesn't allow modified cursor.
Is there any way you could send me your latest grf but with the default mouse cursor instead of the RGB?

Thanks in advance!