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Ok so i just started this server... so far ive come to really like the way things are set up and i even met a few really kewl people who i know talk to outside the game.

everything about the server is exactly what im looking for..... except my problem....

ok, so the game starts and runs fine, patches perfectly, no lag, no slowmotion, nothing.... but after 15-20 minutes thats when all heck breaks loose i guess you could say.

so at about that time if i click the game, press enter to type, use a hotkey, or do anything to affect the game in any way shape or form it freezes for about 10-20 seconds.....

i use betternet VPN, ive run the troubleshoot compatibility mode, ive tried all the compatibility modes, ive reinstalled it 3 times, ive turned my firewall off and ran the game during that time, ive changed graphics settings, ive done all i can think of....... and nobody will help from the server..... they started but just abandoned me..... ive already spent money on the server as i always do when i find a server i like ...... its starting to be a VERY big dissapointment.....

someone help me please?

Is this the only server you played? You have no problem with other servers before?

[email protected]:
No, ive played on a few other servers in the past year and never had this problem before.

I am just taking a guess here, it could be some kind of anti-hack or game-guard like thing that checks file in your system to make sure you are not using any third party cheat that caused the freezing.

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is there any way i can check on that or possibly check if i have a file that might trigger the game guard? i have SEVERAL game mods on my pc, some of which affect the RO client.


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