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cannot start my RO

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no this isnt KRO im having trouble with, its starting my RO client for the server i am currently on. I double click the icon i have (shortcut) it goes to the patcher (which it usually does) and i click ok but then it will not start, first i needed to download some binkw32.dll thingy, then i needed a ijl32.dll thingy, THEN i needed an mss32.dll thingy, i thought i was FINALLY finished downloading all this stuff, then (only my luck would do this to me) i tried to start my ro again and i got an error messege saying "The procedure [email protected] could not be located in the DLL mss32.dll" I AM NOW VERY FRUSTRATED, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!

That type of error (entry point cannot be located) is the result of a version mismatch. You have the file, but not the right version.

well NOW i even have a kro problem, i downloaded a really recent version of kro sakray, but it still half way through says something like "sakray has encountered a problem and needs to close, we are sorry for the inconvenience"!
I am not meant to play RO am i?

Sometimes it works, sometimes not:

1. Try uninstalling microsoft KB917422 update.
2. If you have Kaspersky anti-virus uninstall it first (after getting rid of that update you can install it again).

i hope you read all the posts before trying to uninstall these an that lol

it looks like you only installed kRO Sakray...did u install BOTH kRO and kRO Sakray?  if not, you have to get both.


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