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binkw32.dll error


i try to start bretts ro but when i try to start it has a binkw32.dll error what do i do?And it isnt the first time on alot of other sever i had the same problem.

Try to find someone who can copy all the .dll in their RO folder and give them to you.

that usually happens when you install kro and sakray wrong, or when you install another servers patch wrong. you must make sure they all install into the same directory.

na, just go on google, or other search engine and download the .dll

almost every game need that .dll to run anyway.  But, i think chances are, you have other .dll missing as well, so is better to reinstall your kro and sakray, then run the server patch.  Sometimes, your .dlls are missing because the uninstallation client of certain private servers uninstalls all .dll.

talk about evil >__>


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