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[string "buf"]:262:attempt to index field 'AttackRange' (a nil value)


hi all

does anyone have a fix for this error faced?

getting this whenever i try to cast homunculus skills like caprice

can't find a solution anywhere through searching :/

note: have already patched kRO and that fixed the error for vanilmirth's bio explosion but still facing it for caprice!

If you didn't edit the code at all, that would be a bug report to the emulator project (rAthena / Hercules whichever you are using) or try updating the code from git and re-compile.

hey yc, thanks for the reply.

i'm a player in the server so im not too sure if any code has been edited? i don't think so as the server owner seems to have no clue too.

do you have a link to the code from git? I'm not a developer so not sure how to search for that either...

I recommend you leave it to the server owner, he/she should know more than that to host a server ...


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