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Author Topic: [string "buf"]:262:attempt to index field 'AttackRange' (a nil value)  (Read 2990 times)

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Offline covid19gametime

hi all

does anyone have a fix for this error faced?

getting this whenever i try to cast homunculus skills like caprice

can't find a solution anywhere through searching :/

note: have already patched kRO and that fixed the error for vanilmirth's bio explosion but still facing it for caprice!


Offline yC

If you didn't edit the code at all, that would be a bug report to the emulator project (rAthena / Hercules whichever you are using) or try updating the code from git and re-compile.

Offline covid19gametime

hey yc, thanks for the reply.

i'm a player in the server so im not too sure if any code has been edited? i don't think so as the server owner seems to have no clue too.

do you have a link to the code from git? I'm not a developer so not sure how to search for that either...

Offline yC

I recommend you leave it to the server owner, he/she should know more than that to host a server ...