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Author Topic: Test Server Update [2015-11]  (Read 23460 times)

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Test Server Update [2015-11]
« on: Sep 23, 2015, 10:38 pm »
For new connection info and download, follow the link below until I make a new topic with the details


I would like to inform those who are interested in using the RMS Test Server that we will have to put the test server offline for an extended amount of time.

This is due to our recent server moves and the compiled working version of the rms test server no longer work on the new server due to several compatibility issues.  The current test server source code was modified to allow an anti-abuse testing environment.  It was managed and supported by Riotblade since the beginning of time.  As far as I know, Riotblade is done with RO and is moving onto the better part of his life. 

This means currently I have no way to put on a new test server with the same anti-abuse system in place.  That leads us to the next few questions and answers.

1. I see the test server has a few people login on a daily basis, I would like to ask if the service is still an essential and shall be keep.

2. I could try to look into ways on putting up a new test server (for both prenewal and renewal) but that will take time.  Furthermore, if I cannot get a good anti-abuse system going there will be no server.  Because nobody can do anything if a test server is polluted by billions of mobs everywhere created by abusers.

So the final question is, I am asking myself too, should I continue to host RO test servers? Are there still users that would like to use them? 

If you are a regular user of the test server and feel that the service shall continue, please let me know with your reasons. 

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience I will be causing for not having the test server online.

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Offline Esdese22

Not a regular user but i still using it sometime. Well it'd be nice with renewal test server. But i don't mind it either if finally it shuts down. It's been useful so far

Offline genuine

well its really helpful to us tester's i used it sometimes for "build test" purpose , better if have 3rd job test also, because i encountered most of people finding a 3rd job test and questioning why the other server "offline" . about bug well if its clients sided its gonna be easy. but if the revision is the problem well ignor it

Offline genuine

i also hanging out there too, just making some friend and sharing some of my knowledge about "builds"

Offline WhoStoleTreki

I use this server a lot to test builds for classic servers.  If you aren't going to bring it back, could someone at least help me find a different one so i can test builds?

Offline jaztey

Anyone know or using other test server for pre renewal? Thanks in advance

Offline yC

I will start working on setting up something, no guarantee at the moment.

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I've made an account just to post this.

Pls, bring it back :c

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I used to use the test server all the time to test builds and equipment. it was usually pretty close to what I was looking for.
Also really enjoyed it when I just wanted a quick fix of an mvp or something, or to practice strategy for when I did go and hunt an mvp I hadn't done before [ages ago]

It'd be really nice to have a test server again. One for RE and one for pRE.
I was really sad when I found out it was taken down.

Offline yapmervyn

i'm a regular user, and i want the test server go back online, it is very important for me because i always test characters in it, i'm playing low rate servers so i need this in advance.. so please bring back pre renewal!  /sob /sob /sob

Offline yapmervyn

I've made an account just to post this.

Pls, bring it back :c

Same here bro, i need it too so badly, that's why i make my own forum account here in rms just to reply in this thread.. hope our feelings reaches the person who's hosting the test servers..  /sob /sob

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Edited: 2015-10-29

Okay, I got both the re and pre-re servers running based on the settings I know from the previous servers. 

I will leave them online for the next few days and see if there's any frequent crash or other issues.  Feel free to test and let me know what need to be add/removed to make it work like before or better.  Use _M/_F to create an account.

You can download the client package here: http://depositfiles.com/files/hg7xvx94u

For those that already got the previous package with only the renewal server, you can just add this to your data/clientinfo.xml after the last </connection> tag and before the </clientinfo> tag to get access to the pre-re server:

Code: [Select]
<display>RMS Pre-Re Test Server</display>

Be sure to backup your Data folder, System folder and Data.ini before you copy and replace any files in your RO client folder.  There is a new prontera .grf because I crashed loading the default new prontera and that is the solution I found. 

I will take my time to update the pages andinfos on the play.ratemyserver.net site.  In the mean time, any feedback is appreciated.

Regarding the pre-re server.  It is pre-re as far as rAthena allows me (https://rathena.org/wiki/Category:Configuration#.2Fsrc.2Fconfig.2Frenewal.h).  All the renewal features are disabled on the pre-re server.  However, I leave in the 3rd job classes since I know some servers out there are running 3rd jobs with pre-re mechanics.  We don't have to handle any balance issue on a test server, so why not. 

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alright. going for a test well lets see and i will write down all the problems if had tytytyt /no1

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a problem with clothes color 4. not a big problem just add it manually in pallete or copy paste any pallete and change it to whats missing

Offline genuine

theres a problem on casting time berzebub card, high dex or any casting time reduction wont take effect . and also the bonus stat wont add on the status.

Offline yC

@model is removed.

The cast time stuff, is it because the server is renewal there is fixed and variable cast time?

If you have something that is exploitable to report, please pm me the details.
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Re: Test Server Update [2015-11]
« Reply #17 on: Feb 23, 2017, 06:40 pm »
I've used this server now and then, like I'm using it now. How much does it cost to run/ mth?

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Re: Test Server Update [2015-11]
« Reply #18 on: Feb 24, 2017, 12:39 am »
huh? it is running on a server that I use for other stuff, so it's hard to say the "share" of cost the test server uses.

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Re: Test Server Update [2015-11]
« Reply #19 on: Feb 26, 2017, 04:20 am »
Why did you say you're considering whether it's worth it to continue running the test server?

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Re: Test Server Update [2015-11]
« Reply #20 on: Feb 26, 2017, 12:32 pm »
Because not many people use it, and even it doesn't cost extra money I feel bad leaving it not too updated.