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Test Server Info & Client Download [2015-11-06]

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Before you start be sure to backup your Data folder, System folder and Data.ini before you copy and replace any files in your RO client folder.

The test servers are running on the latest rAthena, up to mid-October 2015 and shall get updated from time to time.
Regarding the pre-re server: It is pre-re as far as rAthena allows me (https://rathena.org/wiki/Category:Configuration#.2Fsrc.2Fconfig.2Frenewal.h).  All the renewal features are disabled on the pre-re server.  However, I leave in the 3rd job classes since I know some servers out there are running 3rd jobs with pre-re mechanics.  We don't have to handle any balance issue on a test server, so why not. 

For those of you who are interested in using the test server, here is the client download link:

Link 1: https://mega.nz/#!NyZnjIaY!XJSaLZogwBm1cfNzgN5f3lnSFJdRPFA8nCPgN3YOIwU
Link 2: http://depositfiles.com/files/hg7xvx94u

About the package content:

1. The client exe included to connect to the test server is 2014-10-22b.  It comes with only basic diff features, you may use the nemo-client-patcher to change/diff the client to the way you want it.  As adding more feature could generate alerts on certain anti-virus program (false positive to my knowledge), do it at your own risk.

I am not sure if other clients are allowed to connect, feel free to try if you wish.

2. There is a newprontera.grf because the chosen client exe does not support the default new Prontera in the latest kRO client.  Players going into Prontera will crash without the included .grf.  If you are confident that you will not step in Prontera ever (or use @go 0) you can remove that file from your RO folder and remove the line in your data.ini.  I will not make a lighter client without the grf to avoid people crashing and wonder why later.

3. Because the Renewal and Pre-Re test servers have to share the client files, the included data folder and System folder contain information for Renewal items and skills.  If you wish to see Pre-Renewal client side items and skills description, you may replace your the files provided here to those in the download package.

Known Problem:

So far I wish the buttons (open / close / logout etc) on the test servers to be in English but I haven't looked into replacing them.  I imagine taking something from iRO will fix that.  I will look into that later, or someone can share the solution here.

Thank you so much for this. Although (maybe precisely because?) I don't have too much time to play RO but still love this game, I missed the test server.
It's really awesome to have this  /no1

Thanks for this. But is it possible to add mirror links for the download, maybe on Mega.nz, mediafire, etc. These hosts doesn't slows down the download speed.

Thanks again!

edit: downloading at 30kbps/sec  /omg

Thank you!
How can I fix missing sprites errors?


--- Quote from: heizzen on Nov 26, 2015, 07:42 pm ---Thank you!
How can I fix missing sprites errors?

--- End quote ---

That would be a client side issue, I recommend you run the rsu patchers to update your client or download the latest available.


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