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Server Down? Report it here ONLY!

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This topic will be dedicated to whom that wish the server to be up when it is down at the reporting moment.

I will reply to this and only this topic regarding server down.

After you "sense" a server crash, please wait at least 5 minutes and try reconnect again.  Report the server down only if you have confirmed the server process "forzen" which mean it will not reboot itself and it needs human attention.

The status of the server can be found in the link below:


If there shows the number of player is not zero and/or that the server status is online.  It will your connectivity problem and your post will be deleted.

woah, this is nice, no more floating topics  ;D

Down for me right now

status says otherwise

can anybody else connect?

I can connect, now...


hi everyone

I think there's something wrong when I try to log in.

When I try to log It allowes me to choose my char, but when I do choose It, it does not connect =/

Thus I saw the server's status. There says everything is online but there's no one connected

Then I asked a friend to see if he had the same problem and he either presents it.

I add some pics of the problem

I'm sorry if my English is not quite good, it's not my first languaje >,<



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