Valkyr RO And Valiant RO, Etc

Started by Kiyoshi Visser, Oct 15, 2020, 01:25 PM

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Kiyoshi Visser

The server Valkyr RO seems to be dead. Their Server Info page on RMS has the following links which lead to a dead end. And, at the time of this post, there haven't been any reviews for the server for almost 140 days.


Valiant RO's site is down too, as well as its control panel.

Edit 2:

Got curious and kept clicking on servers. Asgard Legend has no reviews for a while, and a site claiming to be under construction, leading me to think it's dead.


The first two has been delisted, thanks for letting us know.

Asgard legend I believe they are still alive.


Asgard Legend is still alive and their Discord Community is always on.
Don't think their website is "under construction" no more. But, anyways, they are a little bit late in content, but... there's so much new take on old content and poetic licence (like Dynamic Weather), that it takes a bunch for u to miss smth. Also, the class balance is ridiculous. Theoretically, every class is rly good.  /lv

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