Some Dead Servers

Started by SukiChii, Jun 30, 2017, 01:42 AM

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Mid Rates

Status is offline and website isn't available. Registration isn't working either.

Website isn't working.

Neither links are working.

Server is offline, can't reach website.

Server is offline, can't reach website.

iROGaming (Hercules Server)
Hard to tell on this one. The website throws me a bunch of errors.
I went to their Discord channel and while it has some members in it, the last message by a human was posted June 2nd...

Neither links are working.

Neither links are working.

Rhea Server
Website links me to Redtube for some reason.
My AdBlock pops up, so I'm scared...

The server is offline, but both website and forums are up. I checked there and last post was June 22nd.
While the website is up, it shows up empty...

Revival RO
Clicking on their links shows a "This account has been suspended" message, so not sure what happened here...

High Rates


Super High Rates



Thank you, I'll process this ... slowly.


I was bored  /oni_light
I'll probably post more when I get bored again.


Okay thanks again, many of the dead links I noted and have to check on them later.

Took action on these:

Rhea Server 19611, delisted - website says unpaid ragnarok hosting, looks like the host posted personal information due to balancing owing.  Very unprofessional but then aren't hosts suppossed

Revival RO 19485, delisted - webhost suspended.

Thorment RO 19185 - auto-delist caught it before me. offline now.

Mist-RO 13148, delisted - parked domain.

HastTag RO, status says online forum activity not too long ago by admin, I'll not note this one.

Mega RO 19191, delisted, forum spammed / status off / discord says it's dead.

RepublicRO 19338, delisted, cp error, fb says it has been down for almost a month.