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ROstalgia - Owner MIA for weeks, Server Down


Server: RMS Page | Website
Owner: Desryu

The owner went MIA a few weeks ago and has not been responding to messages. Map server went down shortly after he initially disappeared and never came back up.

He held a group suggestions "meeting" on Discord about the server and then shortly afterwards went MIA without any explanation. There were good suggestions from many members of the community and he said he was working on a forum post to outline a plan, but then he suddenly disappeared. :(

yup, and he did it for 3 consecutive servers now, he is so bad at advertising his server and gets so unmotivated when his initial population is below his expectation and then just leave his server after a few weeks and pretend like he died or something then you see him promoting a new server,
his last 3 servers have an average life of barely 3 weeks
dude needs to be beat up IRL

Thanks for letting us know, we will check back on the server status at a later time before taking the listing offline.  Right now it is obvious the server isn't available since the cp https://rostalgia.com/account/ is giving a crash error.


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