NeverlastingRO v2 not working

Started by grubbykitty, May 13, 2019, 08:54 PM

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The server's forums link to a fesbk page which gives an error.
No actual forums.

The downloads have a full client which is a kro client, not their own, Fine. But then you have to download the lite client which says its done after giving google drive errors. its completed at 76~mb, and the rar file is broken. so it doesnt even open.

and both installers have an error and dont download properly. they give this unknown file size error, but do download. but their lite client rar is broken.

no email id or tech sub board provided either.

I registered and the control flux doesnt have any tech team email either. only links to dead fb page.


I can't be sure this is a dead server because it's control panel is running with some online tho vendors mostly.  I will take note of this for now, thanks for letting us know.