Regret's dead server list.

Started by Regret, Sep 07, 2012, 10:35 AM

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Low Rates
SleipnirRO - website is 404.
CobaltblueRO - website is 404.
MidgardRO - website is not available.
SevenRO - website is not available.

Mid Rates
DocuboRO - website not accessible.


RivalRO seems to be down now as well.


I don't think they have a new listing after the last one that was suspended. works for me, I think they are having some problem but shouldn't be closed.

Edit: in reply to first post, will get to that later in the day~.


Thank you, yC.
I'm keeping an open eye and I will update this frequently.


Just went through those that were on and delisted most of them.  No change to their situation, still as what they were compare to the last time I was there.