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So it's time for Skotlex do this and move on.  I see, will delist this.  Thank you.


This really saddens me.


Skotlex has been around for years, I think this is eventually going to happen.  Everyone have to move on at some point in time =/

I read his topic, as he put it -- RO outlived itself.  Did any of us know RO will still be around and keep getting new patches after 13~ years since the first beta started? 

All of us are getting old, hey Playtester I am glad you are still around.


Skotlex is kinda like the opposite of me. I always wondered how someone like Skotlex who totally hates grinding and thinks it's better if there are lots of quests in an MMORPG ended up with RO in the first place.

I don't share Skotlex's opinion at all, because I think that quests are what kill the genre for me. Everybody will just go from quest to quest. Nobody wants to party unless you coincidentally have the same quest. And then you add them to the friend list, but never play with them again, because they either progress faster or slower than you in the quest chain. RO is still very unique in that it has a huge world and you can easily just make up reason to explore an area and very easily find people joining you on your own "quest", simply because EVERYONE in a 10 level range can actually party up with you and still get reasonable exp and loot (pre-renewal at least). There is really no alternative to this play style even until today and that's the reason why it stayed alive for so long. It kind of targets something that is now niche, but because it's the only game offering it, all the players of the niche will stay together (or rather: keep on coming back).

RO wasn't ruined until syKim left the company and Gravity ruined the game design quality slowly (not intentionally, just because they just aren't as good). With renewal, it isn't all that unique anymore. And now it will struggle more and more.

But as long as nobody pulls of a new game of this style, RO will most likely stick around.


I tried delisting the server manually, but my login credentials for RMS wouldn't work to sign in as a server owner o_o;

To reply to Playtester's comment. I ended up in RO ... I think a friend found it. It was "free," it had cute anime sprites, we didn't have anything else to try. So we went for it (for the record, the one thing I still like a lot of RO is its soundtrack).

I understand his opinion on how quest chains keep players separated instead of partying, yet what I mean more about quests are the dynamic kind of area-events which pop up all the time in GW2 (Guild Wars), these bring people together to an area. So it's a temporary kind of alliance in which you participate with others.

It all boils down to the attitude of players, some people only care about their own, so they see little reason to help others unless there's something in it for them. Others like helping whenever they can, and probably enjoy just lounging around rather than focusing on advancing their own quest chains.

The one thing that I'd want all MMOs to add is the ability to really help lower level players. The way GW2 implements area-scaling (so your level/stats are appropriate to the area you are in) makes it so anybody can help a lower level player without actually one-shotting everything. This is what I really miss from anything else I've tried so far.

As for how long will RO stick around... who knows. Only time will tell. There's always a core group of players who are too ... nostalgic, shall we say, to let go and move on ;P

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