Started by Sarin, Aug 22, 2009, 04:41 PM

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I've been watching the server, knowing there's gonna be lots of drama to read..unfortunately, when it came, it was too quick.
Server has closed down, just take a look at forums.

Ooops, my bad, wasn't paying attention and posted at wrong section.



After seeing the inital population and behavior of some GMs even before server started, I knew the server will be going down in flames. The only question was, when. So I watched, and waited for some fun.


delisted thanks.

Other than the beta testing review incident and unknown person spamming other forum of basic ro ad that was mentioned in this forum, i don't know much about that server.  Was it that bad?


I think the "unknown person" was the GM  :P he also copied all the text on his website from other servers and blamed that on someone else too.

It was pretty obvious that server wouldn't last long.