404Ro Down?

Started by Peanut, Dec 27, 2012, 02:41 PM

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Most Admins start to lie because they don't want to get Raging Players.


Quote from: yC on Jan 27, 2013, 10:36 PM
lol DontShootTheMessenger, did the forum survive or it died together with the server altogether, if so there's a lesson learnt =/

Well sort of. New forum associated with the server died but the original forums where everyone came from is still there. But no one posts there anymore since most people got enough of their nolstagia/drama fix for another 10 years haha. You can just google 404RO to find the 'sekrit' forum and how it started and died anyways.  All the drama is pretty well documented since its public. /heh

Basically, don't open up servers if you have no strong ideas of what you're going to do or if you have bad leadership and bad staff. The admin was absent the whole time anyways and only did damage control when things got out of hand but never acknowledged the problems like getting rid of the bad gm.


That is the general problem of RO. In theory we would only need like 8 private servers to cover all the different type that players want, but since the staff isn't perfect and servers don't exist forever, there are always soooo many and it's hard to find out if the staff is competent or not at first look.


Usually by the time you notice all the problems wrong with a server, you're already too burned out to pick a new server or play the game anymore. Last few servers I played had a broken donation system with rampant MVP cards, but a competent staff. Now I'm playing a decently balanced server but the team is corrupt, absent, and incompetent.


Well, over time you'll learn how to tell it better. Also I found it's a very good idea to always wait and carefully read everything the staff posted on the server information and on forums and only join if you have really good feeling and as long as you don't have that just lurk around forums and see if it gets better. I'm also getting burned out if I switch servers, so I'm only really joining one every so many years. ;-)