Dead Servers (5/19)

Started by asdfqwerty123, May 19, 2009, 03:10 PM

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LunarRO 3
Server Status
Login Server : Offline
Char Server : Offline
Map Server : Offline
404: Board Does Not Exist.
Make sure you did not mis-type the URL.


I know many of you love LogicRO... But i am very busy these days and have no time to spend on the server. I am a senior in high school and its the fourth quarter. and i really have to study hard to graduate and such... So i wont be continuing LogicRO until June 15. But after all this is done there will be much better NPCs and updates. If wish for me to E-mail you when the server is complete, pm me with your email address. I know for those people who have donated are regretting it right now but I will make it up to you guys when you come back to LogicRO after 1-2 months. Thank You. and Sorry about this.


NightmareRo Resurrection
im too busy with work to deal with this s*** right now. Nightmare will have to deal with it when he can. sorry guys, this is the best i can do atm.


Quote19 May 09, 15:04
anor: the server is off?
19 May 09, 12:31
Angels And Demons: nuuuuu.. T_T
19 May 09, 12:27
Lolita: Sorry everyone about the server going down, it'll be on soon. sorry the inconvenience
19 May 09, 10:38





lunar ro 3 - delisted

logic ro - delisted

nightmare res - looks like a lot of forum activity there, will let it sit in my watch list and see.

assassination ro - admin still there, no sign of closing. might be server downtime for fix/crash ...

Pseudo - delisted.  looks like owner abandoned it or too busy to manage or lost internet or whatever reason,

thanks for the report.