Started by lThorl, Aug 15, 2009, 02:51 AM

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Yo this server has been hacked ,The Admin gave up, Don't try to log in because it's true the forums is offline and so is his server want proof here it is.

You should just delist this server.



I guess there forums is back up, But his main server that is listed is down, But YC did you know the admin uses mozila firefox to write his own server reviews?

Hes been banned befor for writing his own reviews in the past, But now he uses the mozilla firefox proxy feature to evad being caught.

If im not mistaken thats rule breaking and cause for a delisting an RMS ban for a week.

Hes done it more then once i recall a few topics with the spawn guy from RMS, He continues something must be done, I don't know if there is any way you can check if hes really doing it seeing as hes using mozila firefox proxy to evade being caught?

Do some thing, He tried to scam me for my money as well, His former GM's told me that he was planing to allow me to donate and then when i donated that he would take my money and ban me from his server, That's not nice what do you think?

Want proof ? http://www.ratemyserver.net/forum/index.php/topic,10189.msg72930.html#msg72930
Is that proof enough? Want more? see below!

This review for the 1k/1k server was written this morning > http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=userfindcomment&uid=75812 < , and the server itself was only officially opened about three days ago. Furthermore, the only "GM" for the lowrate is Dragon himself, and he's never on this 1k server.

So we're supposed to believe someone saw all these nice GM's, had time to test the server, and make a review about it, only a day after reviewing the highrate, with the same basic cookie cutter review?

Furthermore, I've played this server for a while now, and have met and talked with all the players who have stuck around more than one day. This review matches none of their text patterns, personalities, or views on the server.

These reviews are most similar to the Admin himself, speaking in fragmented sentences. The more you look at it, the easier it is to see that these are self written reviews.