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Started by Raiko09, Jul 09, 2009, 01:22 PM

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Hey, so while playing KyugaiRO, I Dis-connected and could never get back online.

I've asked my friend and he also can't go online.

Even the Webpage, I can't connect to it.

It just seems like it disappeared, like everything is gone.

Does anyone know what happened to KyugaiRO?


How long ago did this happen? Might've just hiccuped.


For me, It has been 1 day and 4 hours that the server seem to be offline.


Maybe they did an IP range ban for website/forums/in-game.


It's also been about more than 1 day for me.

Seems like everyone in the server can't connect.


Quote from: Amayax on Jul 09, 2009, 07:19 PM
Maybe they did an IP range ban for website/forums/in-game.

i doubt it cos afaik these people live outside of asia and im from the phils.same thing happened to me 1.5 days ago.

James Bong

they've had root problem afaik they've got a new root since quite some time but not one knows wtf the admin is doing..
judging by the way he's handling things(not even leaving a f*** notice on the homepage or anything of that sort) it doesn't look good for that server...right when it became fun and had 30+players without any autotraders...hrsn


i stopped playing kyugairo for 1 month.. and now its gone.... what a good come back...hahahaha...
im looking for Dark Magician of kyugairo... are you still playin RO?? any one knows what server is he playin now?


KyugaiRO became AbunaiRO. Or whatever Chris calls it now: LiliumRO




I did ask to keep this thread clean and mature.., don't go there by bypassing the filter + calling people names.

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