anyone one know what happened to realm of ragnarok?

Started by theeman, Jul 03, 2009, 02:47 AM

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RoR, was a decent server. Kinzy is a great admin I know this for a fact, I have worked side by side with him before. SHR servers are fun to play if you are a PvP lover.


Gerard who is bringing back RoR will be posting updates on his site.


Quote from: LXIX on Jul 15, 2009, 03:13 AM
Hi this is iBash/LXIX. I wanted to let all the old players know that GM Kinzy shut down the server, but Realm of Ragnarok isn't over yet. It will be back this Saturday, because Gerard is re-opening RoR so we can all play again. For more information and contact click the link below.  Thanks for reading guys. PUBLICENEMIES!

that is gerard's twitter account..,
but he already blocked his posts to the public


maybe he doesn't want to make a server now.. too bad... realm of ragnarok was the only super high rate server i played..


If anybody is still looking for this server to come back, I'd give up by now. Gerard is obviously not going to reopen it.


gerard is too busy with his girlfriend.. So the server is not going to reopened.. Hmm.. Anyone wanna lock this thread??


I talked to gerard weeks ago on MSN about the re-open of RoR Its not happenin, So give up and let the thread die in peace


I did ask to keep this thread clean and mature.., don't go there by bypassing the filter + calling people names.

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