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Started by Royr, Dec 04, 2020, 11:14 PM

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  Where Light Battles Darkness - Offers a brand new RO that preserves the Pre-Renewal features of Immortals-RO and enhance them balancing the items. Immortals-RO is a High-Rate server with a unique FACTION PLAYER KILL and a HUNTING server (true grinding quest-server). We are here to bring back the old sensation of Immortals-RO way back (2007-2008) based on (High-Rate) server with highly unique modifications that you can't find from any other servers.
   Tired of playing boring servers with same no content..?
   Do you want to achieve something through hard work? Stop playing Intro server, biased and copy-paste servers!

[Announcement] - 12.04.2020

We are currently recruiting a Team for a Immortals-RO.
People those who have decent knowledge about Ragnarok Server experience in High-Rate (NO TO COPY PASTE SERVER).
possessing Professionalism, Dedication and the Zeal to learn more, putting up ideas and mature enough to respect others ideas too.

Positions Available:

Forum Moderator: - (0/1 Position)
- Excellent writing skills with great details.
- Writings/Guides/Work. (provide us screenshots/link/etc)

Game Master: - (0/1 Position)
- Excellent testing items/skills.
- Knowledge about how things works in RO High-Rate server.

Application Form can be found here:

How you can apply?:
- Applications are done via E-Mail.
- Answer the following questions in the spoiler and send them to: [email protected]
- Once that's done please wait until you get a reply.
- Replies are only given to those who caught our interest. If you did not receive a reply from us it is most likely because we are not interested.

Official Discord Channel: https://discord.io/Immortals-RO