Started by naj03, Oct 06, 2011, 05:00 PM

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were planning to make a new and fresh server, maybe you want to work w/ us.. we have a pro Scripter and Pro web developer.. we need talented person to work w/ us, to make a good and perfect server..

we still need (1 or 2 more Pro scripter) and (2 Spriter)

if you think your are the one who were looking for... just post here or PM me on my YM at [email protected]
you can post on our Forums too..

this is our forums:

this is the sample of our WEB


Hi! i just read your post. I know some scripting, i tried to open a server last september but i never had a chance to open it. I know scripts that could help the server. i can be also event gm. Im a trustworthy person. If there's any chance just let me know. thanks.


Put the past behind, naj03 did made an apology to Strudel in his reply so I'll remove all the non recruitment posts out of here.


Application Format

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Why that Position:
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@yC thnx boss


still recruiting

Head GM - all around, can fix troubleshooting. knows how to Script etc....