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Infinite Ragnarok Online is now recruiting!


Server Name: Infinite Ragnarok Online
Rates: 150x/150x/25%(Equipment/Usable Items)/5% Common Cards/0.1% MvP
Positions Available:
* Developer [2/2]
* Spriter[0/1]
* Mapper[0/1]
* Web/GFX Designer[0/1]Requirements:
* Must be very fluent in, English.
* Please be at-least 15 and older.
* If I hire you I don't plan to see you leave the next week or two. So please show that you're all in for the job.
* If you're interested in more than one position. Then please let me know!
* Good/Mature behavior. I say a lot of sexual things, LOLjk. But I know that some of the people that are planning to play might behave a little strange. But please deal with it!

Server details: The server isn't open yet due to I am still recruiting for staff. I could turn it on, but it'll only be for GM's that can only get on. There are no 3rd jobs. I might be planning on adding it, I might not. And also! The server is hosted on a VPS along with another server. So please! If you're saying in your head that "Why are you wasting your money on a server that isn't opened yet." Well, I'm not. Haha.


* Age:
* RO Experience:
* Languages:
* How long you could be working:
* Previous GM experience with names of the server(s):
* How long you've been playing RO:
MSN: [email protected]
Yahoo: [email protected]

NOTICE!I'm usually on MSN more than Yahoo. So if you'd like a quick reply please contact me via MSN.[/list]

Found developers! :D

Position Still Available:

* Spriter/Mapper[0/1]

* Web/GFX Designer[0/1]

Updated! Instead of having 1 custom spriter/mapper. I would like 1 of each, just to lift up some stress off of people's shoulders.

Bumpity-bump! Still recruiting! If anybody knows any Custom Mapper or Spriter please tell them if they could help me out with my server.

Bump! We're still recruiting!


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