WoonRO needs more GM's, right?!

Started by Daifuku., Jul 06, 2020, 02:12 PM

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Hello, y'all!

I am looking for new staff members for the server WoonRO 50x50x50x pre-renewal.
Please send me a dm here if you're interested.

- Support and/or Event gm


- Daily activity
- Ragnarok knowledge
- WoonRO server-specific knowledge
- Decent English

I strive to put together a team that I can work with without any drama.
The current team has been working together for years. Empathy and trust are the foundation of this accomplishment.
Please don't apply if you can't take this seriously and are unable to value our foundations.


Staff is paid in Cash Points, but I am willing to give out small gifts like Steam cards or Discord Nitro, etc.


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