NeuRO in need of Support Staff!

Started by Laevateinnxx, Aug 21, 2011, 07:47 PM

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Full name

Leomar Jane

GM Name

GM Z y e

Positions desired

    Technical Support / Support GM


Contact information

    YM: [email protected]
    Skype: leomarjane

Languages spoken

    Tagalog (native)

Age and/or Date of birth

Age: 23
Born: 31. October

Nationality (optional)


Education (optional)

    Cavite State University - Bacoor Campus
    Course BS-HRM
    3rd yr undergraduate

Hobbies and Interests (optional)

    Playing Ragnarok Private Server
    Killing my PC


    working at FrozengladeRO, a Event GM
    Technical Support/Event GM @ ExceedRO
    Event GM/Advertiser/Technical Support @ MiniRO
    Event GM/Technical Support @ TensionRO


weekdays: 12 hours (between 6pm and 11pm)
weekends: 12 hours (past 4pm)
holidays: 12 hours (I'm always there)


Why do you want to be a GM?

I want to be GM because I believe I am fit for the job and would be perfect Technical Support / Support Gm.
Also because NeuRO is the best server around.

What do you think would make you a good GM?

I think a good gm should be online very often so he can catch up with things and get to know the player. Also someone who ask knowledge about the game and knows the gm commands. Good Computer so it won't crash during event or if in the middle of doing something important with the server. A gm should be friendly to the players who are playing the game and should never ever curse at any time. A gm should not be corrupted .
someone who has very good vocabulary and spelling for example you should not spell like 'lke dis' you should spell in a orderly manner. One of the most important ones is be loyal always. A gm should be mature in some way but could also have fun and let go sometimes but in a serious situation they should be serious. A gm should be very patient with players no matter what the situation. A gm should have common sense and should
and the ability to make logical fair judgment based on the evidence provided. Also a gm should know at least a little bit about gaming mechanic so he could help out the Admin if he ever needs help with the server. Those are the traits a Gm should have and if I am selected will have.


First off I would like to say that I probably won't have as much time as everyone else as I can only be on-line about 3-4 mornings (GMT+0) for approximately 2 hours each day every week. So I would totally understand if you would consider other peoples application before mine. Having said that I would definitely make sure that if I ever get accepted I would spend those valuable hours helping players in anyway that I can.

Due to personal reasons (which I am willing to discuss with the Admin(s)) I wouldn't state my name on this application. I am 21 years old almost 22 female living in England, UK. I am of Asian descent but I consider myself more as English.I am currently studying at University and working part time. I speak both Filipino and English fluently and could understand some basic German words.

Why apply if you are already too busy?
I never really think of being a GM as a chore or a job. I find it more of a challenge. A challenge for me to learn how to manage my time wisely. Also helping people whether it is just on-line makes me feel good.

RO Background
I have been part of the Ragnarok Online Community for about 7 years now. And have been both a Support and Event GM in two different servers. I wouldn't necessarily say that I know everything about RO because that would be plain stupid. All I could say is that I know enough, enough to be able to help others, especially those who are just starting to get into grips with Ragnarok mechanics. I have also played with some organized guilds in the past mostly for War of Emperium and have learnt a lot which I could then apply if ever I get hired as a Support Staff. I am also slightly familiar with most of the GM commands (although a support staff probably won't have much authority).

Useful Traits
First and foremost I am a perfectionist. I would also say that I am a very good team player. Although I love being the one to know the correct answer or to find out the solution, I also know how to take other peoples suggestions and opinions into consideration as this is important in a very special process called learning  :). I learn very fast (at least that's what my boss at work says). Finally, I am not expecting anything in return. The satisfaction of helping others and getting myself through a challenge is more than enough.

PS: I could also help moderate forums.

If you have anymore queries please feel free to contact me via MSN:[email protected] I look forward to hearing from you. CHEERS!


Hello NeuRO,


I modify this message cause I already sent one.