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Started by xwinter, May 11, 2011, 09:53 PM

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●  ●[❆°¤°❆]sηoωyҒℓαkε's Resume[❆°¤°❆]●  ●

S t a t u s: Available

[ ❈ ]A b o u t M e
    -Name: Stephanie
    -Age: 19 years old
    -Location: USA
    -Date of Birth: February 7th
    -Nationality: Vietnamese American

[ ❈ ]L o c a t i o n/T i m e - Z o n e

[ ❈ ]Av a i l a b i l i t y
    -3 to 11 hours a day

[ ❈ ]L a n g u a g e s

[ ❈ ]C o n t a c t D e t a i l
    -YM: [email protected]
    -MSN: [email protected]

[ ❈ ]P o s i t i o n (s) D e s i r e d
    - Graphic Designer
    - Event GM
    - Support GM
    - Forum/Support  Moderator

[ ❈ ]S k i l l s 
  - Graphic Designing: Banners, Loading Screens, Logos, Event Banners, Forum Buttons, etc.
  - Support: I have basic knowledge of Ragnarok, skills/balance, and can be extremely helpful. Although I am not an expert.

[ ❈ ]P r e f e r r e d S e r v e r
   -I would prefer a High Rate because I am more experienced and it is not that hard to handle.  However, I was a GM for a Mid-Rate server, and I have some skills in that but it takes a lot of things to put into consideration because it has to be properly balanced.  If a Low-Rate Admin decides to hire me I would be more than glad to help but be aware (beforehand) that I am extremely inexperienced and it will be a learning process for me.

[ ❈ ]E x p e r i e n c e s
GameMaster Experience:
  - VoyageRO [Event GM]: It had a lot of potential but there was a lack of communication.  It wasn't a bad server; however, the Head GM had trouble with GMs and players.  I left several times because I didn't like how they were running things, it seemed kind of imbalanced and corrupted, but I won't go into further detail because I am going off-topic.
  - WolfRO [Event GM]: WolfRO was a great server, however, I was let go due to my lack of activeness.  This was because my computer crashed at the time and then my schoolwork began to interfere. (I feel bad for not being able to tell them.) Also, when  started out the other GMs seemed so distant and intimidating that it gave me a lack of motivation of even host events.
  - AscensionRO [Event GM]: Ascension's launch date was delayed and I was not able to actually do or perform any tasks. So there's not much to say here... >:
  - FameRO [Event GM]: Not much to say here, it was a perfect server and I made a lot of new friends. However, the GM started playing a Legit and he was kinda... tanking MvPs and stuff. I really didn't want anything to do it with, so I resigned. It was a nice server though and he was a good guy. S:
  - Zephy/Aeirheim: A Ragnarok Server
  - Divinity Ragnarok Online

Player Experience
  - NyuubiRO [Player]: I loved this server, it had just implemented the 3rd Class Jobs.  Now, I am knowledgeable about the Ragnarok Third Classes and their skills.  This server provided automated events and frequent GM events too. However, it slowly began to die because the GMs were not active.  This will ensure me to be an active GM. <3
   - RagnaroarRO [Player]: Midrate, the GM of Nyuubi decided to create another server for some unexplained reason.  But that was my first Midrate experience and I hated it. =| However, it did teach me the balance and difference of Mid and High rate servers.
  - AvalonRO [Player]: HighRate server, my first server to ever play.  It was a PvP Server and so I know all the skills and have played every class.  I know how to handle situations like KSing, PvP abuse, etc.  I knew the server very well, however, I left because there was nothing to do after someone leveled.  So this will inspire me to host more events so that players do not get bored.  I will do this because I know how it feels from experience.  (There were events here and there but it was very rare. There was Hide and Seek but the prizes were always useless chocolates. :<)
Other Experience
   - Wikipedia: I have some basic knowledge of Wikipedia. I'm still learning.
   - Quests/Stories: Able to make original stories and quests. However, I cannot script it (trying to learn that).
   - Mapping: Learning how to make maps on my own using YouTube and other guides, I am still a beginner though. ^^;
[ ❈ ]C o n t r i b u t i o n
I do have some Photoshop skills, and I already have a list of different On-Going events and seasonal events.  However, I don't have any scripting skills or spriting skills.  I am trying to learn. >w<;; I am looking for a home, I love interaction, hosting events, designing (Photoshop), and I want to learn scripting and spriting!!! I am extremely patient with players and I will help out whenever I can. I enjoy helping others. <3 Also, if I don't know an answer to a question, I will not sit there and lie. I will answer with honesty and say: "I really don't know but I can find out". (Hopefully I won't look stupid.) Hmm, what other skills~ When administering a punishment I am careful to know both sides of the story and I monitor and examine for a while.  Also, I bring proof in order to back up what I am saying.  I will always have proof. 

[ ❈ ]E x p e c t a t i o n s
The only thing I ask of the staff that I work with is:
   - To use Proper English: I worked with Staff that barely typed correctly and it made players not respect them (it's kind of a pet-peeve too).  They would type incomplete sentences like: "I r goin to now." -_-; It was quite annoying... It's okay to make mistakes here and there, we're human.  But if someone continues to type like a neanderthal, I probably won't have the patience for it.
   - Activeness: It would be nice to have other GMs to talk to when there aren't any events going on. 
   - Communicate: I hated when a Head Admin or another GM would do something huge and not tell the rest of the team, then players would ask us (the ones who don't know what's going on) and look stupid because we couldn't answer.
   - Serious: I hated working with people who did not take it seriously, the owners of the server is putting his money at stake to run a server, yet people are just messing around.  I understand the need for fun but there's a line between fun and business.
   - Open-Minded: I appreciate open-mindedness and the ability to listen to every side of the story.  I did not enjoy working for a server that would say things like "Just wipe the account so the players would shut up", etc. 
   - Bias: This is a major thing, I hate biasness. If a player is wrong, they're wrong. Regardless if they're your friend, family, race, or more.

[ ❈ ]E x a m p l e s
It's not much but ehh.... Here goes!

Banner for Forum Event[ x ]
Events for Lunar New Year. (Created Events and Banner)[ x ]
Reinvite Banner created for server reopening.[ x ]
Events for Valentine's Day. (Created Events and Banner)[ x ]
Drawing of my GM Sprite owo;[ x ]
Drawing of a Co-Worker Sicc~ <3 [ x ]

[ ❈ ]C o m m e n t s
Just something I want people to know... I reeeeeeally enjoy Photoshopping and being GM. I actually want to do that for the rest of my life but that won't actually help pay the bills but yeah, I really love it. e.e;;

That's all about Snow, please feel free to e-mail me for any additional questions or comments!


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You expect proper English? I expect to be able to read your resume with no strain on my eyes on certain words. blue on blue = bad idea...


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You expect proper English? I expect to be able to read your resume with no strain on my eyes on certain words. blue on blue = bad idea...

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Hey there. Just wanted to mention in-case you didn't receive it, but I've sent you an e-mail.

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Hey there. Just wanted to mention in-case you didn't receive it, but I've sent you an e-mail.

Looking forward to your response~
Ah~ Thanks for that! It was located in the Spam Folder. I have replied. Thank you!