Request:Mana Tree Map, anyone can make 1map for me free?

Started by mana7000, Oct 06, 2011, 05:10 AM

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i'm not from low rate country. the money in here is too high@@". can anyone make a free map for me? if cannot nvm just asking. sorry for disturb.

Title: Mana Forest Map
credit goes to you @@", of cause if you use this idea pls share me the map i wan, if dun wan share pls dun use my idea, u can sell/public that's ur choice.

if can i just need a map about Al de baran/Morroc size (prefer morroc size if cannot aldebaran),forest theme in that map have 1 biggest tree. in the End/mid
-Mana Tree (the tree must be Big and nice :))

anyone willing help will very appreciate, and thank you for taking your time read here even u dun wan . tq

if you are Malaysia same country as me. pm me rm how much? how much this map?


Good luck and I hope you will get the help you are looking for.  Or look around here or eAthena for maps that are shared who fit your need.

Moving this to recruitment section.


thank help me move... i'm sorry i post wrong . i been searching very long cannot found any request forum. i been hoping someone help >.< if any one are map maker are free hope they help. because i dunno make ro map.