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Started by LadyRingo, Nov 22, 2011, 07:56 PM

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I am looking for someone to design a dark and neat design for TaintedRO's website and forums. The colors red, black, white and grey are prefered.
I'd rather not have 3rd classes in the images, but all kinds of "darker" RO images are welcome.
You'd be eternally credited and a GM position would be offered. Compensation can be discussed as well.
Intrested? Reply!


hi I would like to apply or help you out on your design request, I am a freelance graphics artist and have made web designs for *boring* companies, and would like to take on this challenge on designing gaming server websites cause I see I will be more creative in this area,
I can provide you a web PSD mockup for your site, and you can ask someone to code it, *im too busy on work to code*, but I can do the design, I really like the color pallete you wanna use , thats why im interested ^_^, oh its ok  i dont get compensation, im taking this as a free training for myself, also ill provide you rough mock ups, then you approve , then ill make the detailed design, .
also if i have free time, I can make inner pages design for you ^_^,

Full name:
Rafael John Regidor

Positions desired
Graphic Artist
     - Creative and Unique
  - Bonus: Can make animated banners:  I can make flash banners,

Contact information
Email: [email protected]

Languages spoken: fluent in english

Age: 21

Nationality (optional) Filipino

GMT+ 8

Education (optional) B.S. Information Technology

Hobbies and Interests (optional), graphics art, digital art, drawing,


with Ragnarok Online: 4 years playing RO philippines, and other private servers.

Availbility: max of 10 hour per week.

References:(clients for graphics)
Joshua Done, Annabelle Drumm aka, Kitegirl coach

Brief personal profile
hi* I am rafael john regidor , an avid RO gamer, i do graphics art, and I can make designs from scratch, and follow design briefs and make good designs.
I can help in making, banners for ads, facebook graphics campaigns , web graphics and design, (some coding too), patcher design, loading screens and any graphics related sutff,
as long as it involves pixels, I can help haha,
I also would like to apply for this position even if its free cause it will also challenge me to make my designs better and be more creative, and also to give out to the community.~SIN

Freelance Graphics Designer,iPhone App/Game Designer and Illustrator;
Twitter: @flamedidea


Sounds good to me!
My contactinformation:
MSN & Email: [email protected]
SKYPE: Ringochan89


hi Ringo, please check your mail for my designs