Recruitment Sub-Forum Rule

Started by yC, Mar 23, 2009, 12:36 PM

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Recruitment Sub-Forum Rule


Your recruitment topic must have the following information:

  • The name of your server.
  • Your servers rates, including if they are 'floating' rates.
  • What positions are available at the time (Remember, you can always come back to update).
  • Other server specifics you would like to include.
  • Your contact information and available form of contact such as email or private message.
  • If you have multiple positions available for one server, please keep them in the same topic.

You are not allowed to recruit server tester or player for obvious reasons.

You are not allowed to post PAID POSITION in this section, use the Paid Section for that.

New:  Topic starters now have the option to remove posts in their own topics (this function is located at the top right corner of each post).  This shall be used to organize a recruitment topic whenever possible.

Job Seeker:

  • If you are going to start a new topic, make sure you post a complete resume.  It should include the basics such as your skills, time available, past experiences, contact information and/or positions you are looking for.
  • Your contact information and available form of contact such as email or private message should be included when posting or applying for a job.
  • Please make sure you READ the topic.  DO NOT copy and paste your resume into every single recruitment topic you see.

Apply to both:

If the topic starter (the recruiter or the job seeker) says you are to email / private message/ msn him or her, and you just post your reply in the topic, your reply will be deleted.


If you do not plan to recruit the applicant or if you do not plan to apply for the job:  You do not need to post in any of the topics in this section.  Your reply must be related to the job or the applicant.  This is a serious recruitment section, any post that is not meant to be a serious inquiry will be deleted. 

If you are going to make a reply:

- your reply must not be an attack or insult to the original poster.
- your reply must not comment on the recruiter or the recruiter's server.
- your reply must not comment on the applicant or the applicant's resume.
- your reply must not question the age, gender, nationality, family history and anything that has nothing to do with the person's ability as a worker or owner on a RO server.

Basically, we only welcome recruitment post and resume post in this section.

Note 1: Topics in Recruitment Sub-Forum will be purged after 180 days.