[Recruitment] LF> Team or Partner for Warlord Ragnarok

Started by novi, Mar 26, 2024, 03:58 AM

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hello everyone, I have a server that is not maintained, this server is already 80% running and I haven't opened it to the public yet.
Honestly, I can only make it but I'm not good at managing it.
therefore I need a very elite team to manage this server.

server information.
- the name of this server is Warlord Ragnarok
- pre-renewal system (we can change the level depending on which one can make the server last longer, 250/90 or 99/70 according to market tastes) I have put a lot of custom items, maps, etc.
- has many features that I adapted from other games

about this server
implementing a faction system, where there will be 3 nations that will fight like in the RF game and other ancient games.
I have implemented a war system for these three nations.

- I am a developer who has made many private servers and was unsuccessful because I didn't have much time and couldn't manage them

requires a team
- admin (who can manage the server with all his experience)
- someone who has knowledge of periodic server balance and studied the faction system in warlordro )
- I leave the rest to the admin to get what is needed

Honesty & responsibility are the most important things here, this is a free service. If this goes successfully, we can share the results together

If interested please contact me on discord Click