[Recruitment] LF: Game Master/Streamer/Advertiser

Started by ragnafiles, Jan 17, 2024, 01:06 PM

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Growing community together with us!

About us
Ragnafilian (name server) is a classic old-school private server (pre-renewal) that starts from episode 1. Rates is 5x/5x/5x and we are looking for team to build the classic ro community.

What we offer
We start looking for free service, but as long as server financial growth, we are welcome to share server earnings.

REC: Game Master
  • You have to know basic RO (pre-renewal).
  • Helps advertise the server.
  • Be friend to the players.

REC: YT/Twitch Streamer
  • Any subscriber are welcome.
  • Stream to our server min.2 times per week.
  • We helps you advertise your channel on the community.

REC: Advertiser
  • Spread the server on social media.
  • Create buzz/influence player in game.

If you are interesting to join, feel free to reach us.

Technical Information
  • Main Location: Asia
  • Proxies: Direct, SE Asia
  • Game Guard: Gepard 3.0 Anticheat
  • Key/Mouse Macro: Disabled
  • Dual Login: Max. 2 Clients

Whitepaper : https://ragnafilian.gitbook.io/ragnafilian/whitepaper/about
Website : https://ragnafilian.com/
Discord : https://discord.gg/x6S6uJFYeA