[Recruitment] LF: Game Master for RagnaTime

Started by Wyveernn, Mar 08, 2024, 10:06 PM

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Greetings, RateMyServer.net Community!

At RagnaTime, we're constantly on the lookout for talent to join our support team. If you're passionate about gaming, have exceptional communication skills, and love helping fellow gamers, then this is your chance! /lv

You can visit our website for more information or check the spoiler available below. /no1

Website: https://ragnatime.com
Server Information: https://ragnatime.com/wiki
Discord Group: https://discord.gg/yvxKHdjCVs

Server Configuration
Server Name: RagnaTime
EXP/Job Rate: x5
Drop Rate: x1
Card Drop: 0.05%
Quest Rate: x1
Pet Intimacy: x1
Homun Intimacy: x1

General Information
Server Mode: Pre-Renewal
Episode: 13.1 Ash Vacuum
Emulator: rAthena
PartyShareLvL: 15 LvL
Minimum Skill Delay: 200ms
Server Language: English/Spanish
Server Type: International

Server Features
Autoloot: Disable
Arealoot: Enable
Random Items Bonus: Enable
MultiClient: 2
MultiLevel: Disable
Repeatable Quest: Enable
For other features see the main page.

Technical Information
Client Security:    Gepard Shield
ADelays Security: Enable
Main Host Location: France or Germany.
AntiDDoS: Enable
International proxy: Enable

Available Positions:

[Support Game Master]: Responsible for providing support to users in and out of the game.


- Previous experience in Support Role out/in game.
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills (English & Spanish)
- High knowledge of Ragnarok Online and its mechanics (Pre-Renewal).

How to Apply? /ok

If you're interested in joining our support team, please complete this formulary.
Link to Form

Best regards,